Three Ways To Know If You’re Dating a Good Person

If you meet a new guy, it’s pretty hard to tell if he is really a great man, even after going on a few dates with him. Some guys are genuinely good people, while there are some or are just acting until he exposes who he really is.

So, how can you find out if the man you’re dating is right to be in a relationship with you? Women like to date guys who are kind, honest and committed. If a man has all three good traits, he will be successful in the three factors we discussed below. Here are three ways to know:

Work History

One of the most critical factors in accessing the character and quality of a man is by analyzing his work history. If you want a stable and drama free romantic relationship with a guy, then date a man who has a job, loves it, and knows how to hold on to it. A man, who has a stable job, will also be stable in a relationship. Some men may be out of jobs, because of the economy or due to the unstable job market, so don’t hold it against them. The key here you need date men who are in jobs and even if they aren’t into one, dating one who is persistent in finding one. However, don’t ask a guy what kind of job he does for a living. Most men hate this type of questions because they fear that women might reject them if they find out how much money they earn. Instead, ask them what does he do for a living, and if he likes it, and whether he prefers to do it in the long-term.

Relationship With His Family Members

Most people assume that if a man has good relations with his family members, he is a good person. But, what if he decides to get detached from them for his own well-being because his parents and siblings are on the crazy side? The thing is family dynamics are private and complicated issues. So don’t pass judgment on guy quickly by the relationship he maintains with his kith and kin. Instead, try to get to know more about him and his family by asking what kind relationship does he have with parents, does he see them often, how well do you get with your brothers and sisters, etc. If he responds positively to these questions, it means that he care about his parents and siblings, and doing his best to improve the relationship with them. Nonetheless, it is hard to find out if a man is good on not, by looking at his family.

Relationships With His Friends

You can know a lot about a person by looking at his friends, the relationship he maintains with them, and the kinds of activities he engages in with his buddies. To find out more ask your man how often does he hangs out with his friends, does he play sports with them, does he have a best friend from school, etc. A good guy will at least have one best friend or a few close friends from high school and he will be committed, caring and loyal to them. However, if your date has friends, you don’t like, consider terminating the relationship.

If you’re dating a woman or man, finding out whether they're good people or not, is a daunting task and takes time. But, by focusing on his work history, relationships with his family, and relationships he maintains with his friends, you can make it less complicated.

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