Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Look Out For These Signs To be Sure!

No matter how discreet you’re, when it comes to cheating, there will be signs. How can you be sure that your new love interest isn’t cheating on you? How can you identify the signs? Well, there aren’t any simple answers. But, we can tell you one thing if you’ve been dating someone for five months or more, we can safely say that you know that person pretty good. You can tell whether she’s faithful to you or not.

But unfortunately, some people despite being suspicious that their partners are cheating on them continue with their relationships. The reasons why they do this is because they feel insecure, scared of being alone, or thinking that they won’t be able to find love again. Then there is the emotional pain. So, if you don't want to get scarred emotionally, look out for these three signs.

1. Your Girlfriend Has Cheated In The Past
A simple way to find out if your girlfriend will cheat on you or not, is by checking her past relationships. If she has cheated in the past, there is a chance will be unfaithful in this relationships. But, it’s not absolute, as people change themselves after committing a mistake. Anyways, you won't find this during the first few dates, but the information will eventually come out. As we said, some people who have cheated in their previous relationship won’t do it again. But, some will do it again if they get the opportunity. Therefore, before you decide to take your relationship to the next level, have a serious conversation about it with your new partner, after you learn that she’s cheated in the past.

2. Your Girlfriend Flirts Uncontrollably, Even In Front of You!
This is a common one, as millions of men and women do it. There isn’t harm if your woman checks out other attractive men outside, but if she flirts with them, with you on her side, then you got a problem. It shows that this person craves for attention, and it’s very likely that your girlfriend might indulge in a sexual tryst with someone in your absence. To be in a monogamous and long-term relationship, it’s imperative that you and your partner not to flirt with anyone in front of each other. If your girlfriend can’t honor this simple rule, it’s time you date someone else.

3. Your Girlfriend Is Unavailable or Unreachable
If you notice your new girlfriend becomes unavailable or unreachable during the day or evening all of sudden without telling you anything about it, it can she might be cheating. If someone can’t be reached for a couple of hours, may he/she is busy shopping or working out in the gym. But if that person can’t be contacted for a few hours, mainly at night, we can assume something else might be happening like cheating. Talk your new date and tell her that her suddenly disappearing or absence makes you feel vulnerable and anxious. And, if she still continues it, even after having the conversation, it’s obvious that she’s isn’t interested in this relationship. So, cut your losses and let her go.

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