How to Know When Your Relationship Needs Therapy

If your relationships end up badly, or you get involved in relationships with the person not right for you, perhaps, it’s time you seek some guidance. Your family and friends will tell you what you wanted to hear, but sooner or later, you should be ready to listen to what you really need to hear and do. So, how can you know that moment has arrived? Here are some tips:

1. Most of your relationships eventually end up terribly

You’re unable to find someone right to sustain a relationship, or you typically get into destructive relationships, or even if you’re in one, you’re simply too scared to end it. In these scenarios, maybe a licensed therapist can help you. According to most therapists and relationship experts, who have experience in these type of case agree that it’s the low self-esteem and anxiety of the person that takes them to these hopeless relationships. Others reasons are an estranged ex, sexual performance stress; financial problems are also to blame. So, if you could identify these problems and get rid of them, you can change your situation.

2. You can’t meet prospective dates

A relationship expert can assist you on how to improve your communication skills, meeting potential dates, and set dates with them, and continue dating the same type of people. A dating expert can also offer you tips to revise your online dating profile to make you attractive to other people. A therapist will also help you overcome social anxiety, which is one of the main reasons people avoid to go social events or try online dating.

3. Your dependence on your family is unhealthy

Societal expectations regarding marriage and relationships aren’t the same now as they were during your parents’ time. Your parents might suggest someone as your partner, who may be not right for you because he or she meets their “requirements” for a good partner like a right job or religion. Your parents having too much influence in your love or dating isn’t a healthy sign for the most part. Taking help from a dating expert or therapist will be much better as they don’t have any emotional connection with you.

4. Your friends' relationships experiences are influencing you

Asking your friends for giving advice for relationships can be skewed as they tell it from their own experiences. For example, if one of your buddies said that long-distance relationship didn’t work for them, so he or she will most likely convince you that it won’t work for you either. If someone believes that their friends are explaining exactly how they feel, they’ll be more unwilling to seek someone else’s advice, even if it’s better or more logical. They may also convince them there aren’t any other ideas left. Ultimately, you get stuck with the same advice, and your situation hasn’t improved as well. Don’t pay too much value on your friends’ advice as they will try project their baggage on you.

Overall, if you’re having a hard time being a long-term relationship or can’t a right person to be in a relationship, and if the above situation relates to you, it’s time you need relationship therapy.

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