How To Make A Lady Want You – Get Access To Some Effective Tips

It is very much difficult for a guy to make a lady become obsessed for him.  Guys easily get attracted towards girls but girls don’t get attracted towards guys easily. Girls take a long time to decide whether a guy is perfect for them or not. Being a straight guy, you surely want to learn how to make a lady want you. Majority of straight men don’t know this. As a result they fail to get a girlfriend. They end up being just a friend of a girl whom they used to like. Nothing is worse than this.

You met a girl. You find her beautiful and simply amazing. You are going crazy for her. But do you know whether she also likes you or not? This is what matters the most. Similar feelings should be there from both the sides when it comes to start a love relationship. Whatever you do for her and whatever you feel for her will go waste if she is not at all interested in you. If you want to know how to make a lady want you, you must know how to impress a girl and how to make her like you. Obviously, if you like someone, you may also want that person to take interest in you.

To impress a girl is easier than making her become obsessed for you. A girl doesn’t become obsessed for a guy until she finds him taking interest in her and caring for her. Here are some steps given below that will teach you how to make a lady want you

  • Help her out during critical situations – When critical situations arise, girls want someone to be there to be with them and to solve their problem. You can be the problem solver for your girl. Whenever you find her worried or troubled, you should try to talk to her to know about her problem and then you should do whatever you can do to solve her problem. By doing so, you can make her feel relaxed. Also, she will consider you as a very good person. If you be with her during all her problems then she will always share her problems with you.
  • Improve your looks – Girls focus a lot on the physical appearance of the guy they are dating. So you should try to improve your looks. You should take shower daily and use perfume or deodorant to smell good. You should wear stylish clothes to enhance your physical appearance. You should improve your physique by developing your muscles.
  • Attract ladies with your charm – Ladies not only get attracted towards the physical appearance of a guy. They also get attracted towards the behavior of a guy. You should make your behavior charming along with your physique. You have to behave like a gentleman in front of your girl. You have to act smartly and intelligently to impress her. If you want to know how to make a lady want you, you must know how to attract her.
  • Try to be reliable – Each and every girl wants a guy who is dependable and reliable. If you are a reliable person, girls will feel secure with you. To be a reliable person, you should do whatever you say. Along with it, you have to be punctual. Girls don’t like to stay with the guys who always come late. Another important thing is that you should have a very good reputation among the people.
  • Don’t be too possessive – You should avoid being too much possessive for your girl. You should give her space to let her feel free. You should not show her that you are desperate for her because it leaves a bad impact.
  • Avoiding flirting with other girls – If girls are a part of your friend’s circle, it is good. But you should not flirt with any other girl because it will make your girlfriend feel insecure. This will directly affect your bonding with her. You should try to make your girl feel that she is the only one who is most special for you. You should never let her feel that you are less interested in her and more interested in other girls.
  • Compliment her – You should focus on the personality of your girl rather than focusing on her physical appearance. You should compliment her for her traits in the right way. You should never make her feel embarrassed in any way. Instead of that, you should make her feel special all the time when she is with you.
  • Try to make her happy – You should know what can make your girl happy. Whenever she is with you, try to make her happy in whatever way you can. If she likes to listen to songs, you can sing a song to make her happy. If she likes to eat food, you should cook something and serve it to her. It will make her feel very happy. Also, she will understand that you truly love her and care for her.
  • Make her think about you– If you do the above mentioned things, your girl will surely get attracted towards you and she will think about you whenever the similar situation comes. For example- If you have been with her during her hard times, she will think about you and miss you whenever she will need help. Also, if she feels happy with you, she will think about you whenever she will feel sad.

After doing all the things that are mentioned in the steps given above, you will get the results for your efforts. The results will definitely be positive. Your girl will start loving you and she will love to be with you all the time. She will want you to be with her for lifetime. She will feel that you are the right guy for her and no other guy could love her like the like way you do. Day by day, she will become obsessed for you.

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