How To Make A Woman Want You- Key Tips That Can Work Wonders

Do you like a woman and don’t know how to impress her or how to make a woman want you? For attracting a woman, you don’t need to be the most handsome guy on earth, or the richest person on the planet. You met a beautiful, funny, intelligent girl in your college or in your office and you suddenly feel that this is the girl of your dreams and you don’t want to lose her by approaching her inappropriately or in bad means. Sometimes, it is hard to get the attention of the girl you like the most.

But don’t worry, mentioned below are some key points on how to make a woman want you.

  • Be her Hero: You can always get the attention of a girl that you like the most by acting as a hero who saves her against all the odds of her life. Whenever your girl feels worried, or she is in some kind of trouble or problem or in case if she needs some help from you, always try to be the first person to support and help her out from any problem or worries that she may be facing. First make her feel calm and ask her if she needs any help or any kind of support from your side. If she agrees for your help and support proceed cautiously without hurting her feelings in any way possible. You can do something for her that she doesn’t expect from you. You can help her out in her daily proceedings such as help her in cooking food, washing the dishes and many other ways.
  • Don’t go too deep in friend zone: You should always behave friendly with her but don’t involve too much as a friend. Don’t list yourself in her friend zone if you want to be more than just her friend. Don’t always answer her phones or messages. Let her think about you that what you should be doing if you are not answering to her messages or calls. Girls love the mysterious boys who always remain in a bit of a shadow. Always be honest with her but you must not open yourself to her completely. Save some chats for later conversations.
  • Looks: Your looks are also important to her. Your male friends might over look your bad appearance but girls are very choosy when it comes to appearance. You should shower and shave on a daily basis to smell nice and look fresh and clean. If you want to have a beard, make sure you regularly trim it. Always wear clean washed clothes and you must be properly dressed according to the situation. Always keep your body in shape and fit. Don’t make your body look like a scary hulk.
  • Charming: Your personality must be charming and you must be well behaved. Always act like a gentleman who is always caring for her girl. You must be witty and should be able to make any conversation a little funnier. Make her laugh also by turning something into really funny. Girls love to have some fun but at times they also prefer intelligent peoples. You must have the knowledge of general affairs and happenings.
  • Reliable: Every girl loves a reliable guy on whom she can trust and dreams of spending rest of her life with him. Always do and follow those things which you have promised to her at sometime. Girls like those people who actually do what they have promised for. Always be punctual when you are going out with her. Girls really hate those guys who make them wait even for few minutes. Always make a good reputation with everyone around you. You will never know when she might check on you about your past with some of your friends. Your bad reputation with others might affect your relationship with her. Reliability is a great option and will help you if you wish to know how to make a woman want you.
  • Try to be funny: Try to make her laugh as laughing relaxes your mind and body. She will be more attracted towards you when she feels relaxed. Always make sure that she enjoys your company and not feel bored.
  • Don’t be pushy: You must not push things beyond her comfort level. It will be a great turn off for her if you keep touching around her and make her feel less comfortable with you. You must not do things in which she has no interest. You must control yourself and keep maintaining the comfort level with her. The more time she spends with you comfortably, the more comfort level she will offer you.
  • Financial Independence: Most of the women do not care about your bank balance, or how rich you are, or who might be your parents. Women don’t like men who always show off their wealth. Always remember that your girl loves you not your wealth. So, always maintain the financial independence with her. Though you can gift her something but make sure that it must not be way too costly for her to accept.
  • Don’t flirt with other girls: The thing which makes every woman feel irritating is when you flirt with other women also. Make sure that she always feels that you are interested only in her rather than in some other women. You must have some female friends that used to hang around with you. This will make her feel safer with you.
  • Compliment her: You can give her some compliments when she does something special, but don’t keep complementing her on every little thing. A woman can remember you for a long time specially when you have said something very good about her. It can be a compliment or a piece of advice that she liked. Women like getting compliment more about their personality rather than their looks. You can compliment her for the smile, looks, eyes, hairs and lips.

These simple check points serve as the best answer for the question how to make a woman want you and one can follow them to get the best results.

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