How To Plan A Workout For Body Building?

Every man wants to have a good physique. This is the reason they focus a lot on body building. Men should neither be too slim nor too fatty. Women like men who have a good body and personality. Nowadays, teenage boys are also busy in exercises and workout as they also want to have a well toned and perfect body. They are aware about this fact that girls prefer to date with those boys who have a good physique. With a good personality and body, you can easily get a girlfriend.

To have a well toned and fit body, boys try different ways. They cut down their diet in order to reduce their belly fat. They regularly go to gyms to perform exercises. They avoid junk food and snacks. But the most important thing is how to plan a workout. In order to make your body fit and healthy, you must know it. You have to follow a proper workout plan on daily basis. Your workout plan is the key to your fitness goal. Workout plan varies as per the requirement of body. For example, if a person is having a fat body, he needs a workout plan that involves weight management. On the other hand, if a person is having a slim body, he needs a workout plan that could help him in body building.

In order to achieve your fitness goal, you must know how to plan a workout. The effectiveness and efficiency of your workout plan can determine how quickly you will achieve your fitness goal. But only to prepare a workout plan is not sufficient, you have to follow the workout plan with full determination. You have to be very serious and punctual regarding your workout if you want to achieve your fitness goal. Once you achieve your fitness goal, you will get the confidence to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Plan your workout

If you want to get the guidance on how to plan a workout, you should keep in mind the important points given below-

  • All kinds of pressing exercises can enhance your triceps, shoulders and chest. All types of pulling movements including a row variation or a chin-up variation can add to your forearms, back, biceps and rear delts.
  • Squatting movements take good care of your glutes, hamstrings and quads. These movements will also work well for your spine and abs.

In order to plan your workout, you first have to determine your present situation. You have to estimate how much time you can give to your workout plan, whether you want to join a gym or hire a personal trainer to plan a workout for you. You also have to examine your potential to know whether you could follow a hard workout plan or just a simple one, whether you could do it for a long time or not. You have to consider all these important things before planning your workout so that you can plan the workout accordingly.


Only weight lifting cannot provide you a well toned body. You have to plan a whole body workout. For body building, workout for legs, hands, shoulders, chest, abs, back, etc. all are essential. You have to take help from your gym trainer in order to know which exercises you should perform for body building. For different body parts, you have to do different exercises as listed below-

  • For core body (including lower back and abs) – side planks, planks, ball crunches exercise, hanging leg raise, mountain climbers, etc.
  • For triceps, chest and shoulders – bench press, overhead press, dips, pushups, etc.
  • For forearms, biceps and back – Pull ups, chip ups, dumbbell rows, etc.
  • For hamstrings and butts – dead lifts, step ups, hip raises, etc.

In order to plan your workout, you can ask your gym trainer about how to plan a workout and in what manner the above mentioned exercises should be done. You can ask your trainer about the sets for each exercise. Accordingly, you can estimate the time required for workout and you can plan the workout in proper manner.

Relation between dating and fitness

Though there is not a direct relation between dating and fitness but there is an indirect relation between them. Even for a casual dating, boys must have a good personality and physique. Girls focus a lot on the style and physique of the boy they are dating. Obviously, every girl wants a handsome boy to date or to be in a relationship. If you want girls to consider you for dating and relationship, you first have to work on yourself. You should put all your efforts to get a good physique. No matter how much time and energy it takes, at last you will get lots of benefits from it. Your girlfriend will feel proud to have you. She will proudly introduce you to her friends and family.

Even if you don’t know how to flirt with girls you can have a good girlfriend if you are having a good physique. You can impress any girl with your well toned body and attractive personality. Being fit and handsome is what matters the most for the boys when it comes to dating. It boosts their confidence to interact with girls easily. Those boys who have a slim body usually feel shy in approaching a girl for date. They have a fear of rejection because of their not so attractive physique.

Every boy has a desire to have a good looking girlfriend. But most of them don’t know that to have something good you have to make yourself eligible for it. Similarly, if you want a good looking girl as your girlfriend, you have to first focus on your looks. You have to ask yourself that are you good enough for her or not. If you think yourself to be good enough, you should definitely approach a girl you like for dating. But if you think that you are not good enough, you should try everything to achieve perfectness in you.

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