How To Pull A One Night Stand – Tips That Can Be Fruitful

One night stand is a fun thing to do. Many people prefer one night stand to fulfill their body urges. Both men and women enjoy one night stand equally when they know that there are no strings attached between them. They can just have sex with each other and move on with their lives ahead. In one night stand a man is labeled as the main player who approaches a girl saying hi and ends up having sex in just a few hours. It’s just a casual sex with no promises and principles that one has to worry about without causing any drama. Many people are looking for one night stand over the internet or in their friend circle. But at last they end up being alone in their bed. To pull a one night stand out from nowhere is a tough job to do. Great one night stand are not easy to find. There are a lot of things that can go wrong from saying Hi to a girl to having sex with her.

Mentioned below are some useful tips that can help those who are looking for one night stand.

  • Look clean and dress well: The most important thing to remember in pulling off a one night stand is that you should look clean and dress well. Your physical appearance also plays a vital role in attracting a girl towards you. You must take shower on a daily basis to make yourself look clean and fresh. You must also shave your beard as well as your pubic region hairs. If you don’t want to shave them, at least trim them a bit. You can also use some fragrance if you have a sweaty body. You must also dress well and wear clean clothes according to the occasion. Doing all these things can help you in pulling off a one night stand. It’s a fact that almost every woman doesn’t want to have sex with those men who look dirty, smell dirty, and wear stinking dirty clothes. These things can be a great turn off for many potential women who might be interested in having sex with you.
  • Finding a partner: Finding yourself a partner for a one night stand is not as hard as it may seem. Many men always seem interested in one night stand scenario, in the same way many women are also looking for one night stand. But the thing which makes women differ from men is that they are very good at hiding their sexual urges. They very efficiently hide it with a smile on their face but from inside they also want it. One of the best places to find a sexual partner is searching them in the night life of the city. You can visit some clubs, lounges and bars in search of a partner. Another place to look for a partner is an office party, or a birthday party, or a holiday party. One night stand is all about taking the advantage of the moment and the time. You can look around for the women who are alone or bored or those women who are also looking for a partner or a company. You can also chat with the single women to know their mood. Flirt with them a little bit to get the sense of who is open for a sexual encounter. Try not to engage with the hottest girl instead you can flirt with her almost hot friend. This will leave her suspecting that why you chose her friend rather than choosing her. This will make her more attracted towards you. Doing this will increase her confidence which will make it easier for you to lock her down, making the one night stand game much easier.
  • Approach: Approach is also an important factor to consider while dealing with a woman. You must approach the potential women with full confidence. You must show your interest in her. Make her feel that you are interested in her. Try to make a conversation as this will help you in making a temporary connection with her. Treat her like a lady not like a sex object. Also, don’t make things rushed as this will make you look as if you are desperately trying for having sex with her. Pay attention to what she is saying and answer it accordingly with a smile and confidence on your face. While having conversation with her make your intentions clear. Don’t lie to her which can hurt her feelings, don’t misrepresent yourself in front of her as it is bad for your image.
  • Read her signs: If you are ready for a one night stand then you must read her signs properly. No women in the world would approach you and tell you that she wants to have sex with you. It is up to you to read the sign of their body language. Almost, all the women love to get attention so it is important to read the signs otherwise you may end up flirting with those women who are not at all interested in you. If she is open towards you or touching you or getting close to you that means she is interested in you. If she looks reserved, closed off, and leaning away from you that means she is not all interested in you.
  • Taking it to the next level: When everything seems fine and working your way, now is the time to make your next move. Get close to her and wait for few minutes. If she feels comfortable with your leaning. Approach close to her lips but don’t kiss her. You have come your way now it is time that she makes her move. When she also leans towards you touch her face and give a gentle kiss. This will make her juices flowing and you will end up having one night stand with her.

These are some helpful tips for those men who are looking for one night stand.

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