How To Show Appreciation Without Using Words?

Appreciating someone in words is always pleasant and polite but showing them that how you feel about it is much more powerful and perfect than the words can ever say. We often forget to appreciate the people who do a lot for us on a daily basis and in doing so we start taking them for granted which we do not even realize it ourselves.

Actions have more impact as compared to the few words muttered for appreciation. What you should do is to use your actions to say that you appreciate what they did. It seems like that appreciating through actions could be a difficult task. However, it is quite simple. Many different things can be done that you can do to appreciate someone rather than uttering it from your mouth. If you are still not clear that what sort of actions is required, then check out the following list to clear up your mind.

  • What is going to be more terrific than making them their favorite home cooked meal? It not only conveys that you loved what they did but in fact, by putting such a warm effort will definitely going to mean them a lot.
  • Flowers are for every occasion. They freshen up the mind and brighten up the day. It inevitably brings a smile on the face.
  • They will surely be appreciated if they come back after a long working day and you hand over to them a ticket to the movie show or of their favorite band.
  • Plan a picnic for them. Take them to their favorite place or the place they wish to visit, cook a delicious meal and spend a full fun time day together.
  • If you know that your partner loves coffee, then nothing is going to be more perfectly appreciated by getting up early and bring a freshly prepared coffee for him/her to bed.
  • Make them something with your hands like knit something; paint a picture, or even a simple card can say it out that you are well appreciated.
  • Dress in an outfit which you know they like. Choose the color of their choice. Wear their favorite cologne/perfume and make them feel imperative and extraordinary.
  • When you are aware that they are bust and they will not find the time to perform their chores, then do it on their part. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, iron clothes or even vacuum the house.
  • How about ordering lunch from their favorite restaurant and send it to their workplace. Sending hot fresh lunch will definitely going to surprise them, and they will be highly appreciated through this gesture of yours.
  • Let them plan an evening out with 100% of their choice. They will get whatever they ask for.
  • As an appreciation token, buy them a thing which they can’t stop talking about. It can be a game, a dress or a shirt, etc.
  • Order a gift basket that holds their favorite munchies.
  • Nobody is perfect, so ignore their faults and overlook their silly mistakes.
  • Be part of their hobbies like watching a football match. Although it is not your type of a thing, it will convey to them that you are still there for them anyway.

Saying to someone that you are appreciated is simple and easy but by showing it with your actions is more productive and impressive.

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