How To Solve Relationship Problems – Detaching From The Situation

Common and frequent fights, financial problems, losing a pregnancy or quitting a job – these are only some of the most common problems that can affect the life of a couple. Plenty of people try their best to learn how to solve relationship problems, yet they often go in the wrong direction. To most of them, fixing a marriage or a relationship is about imposing their points of view over their partners'. Whether you look for relationship advice online, flirting tips for men or relationship break up advice, you will realize that this is never a good option. Trying to become the boss will never help you out, hence the necessity of some education upfront.


In many situations, couple life is hard to fix without any specialized help from a psychologist. Sure, couples can always get in touch with a psychotherapist to come up with a few recommendations. Couple can ask questions and understand why things go into one direction or another. It is worthless to treat the effect if the cause is untouched. Instead, you have to dig a little deeper. Now, what does it take to help me save my marriage? What are the most important things to know before adopting specific techniques for such issues?


Do You Still Match Each Other If You Fight a Lot?


People often encounter all kinds of fights. They naturally assume that they no longer match each other. This concept might be correct if you are new to dating. But if you are already married, you need to learn how to solve relationship problems in a more “professional” manner. What does fighting mean? Simple. It means having simultaneous monologues instead of having a common dialogue. You hear your partner, but you do not pay attention to them and you do not listen. You watch them, but you do not see them. In the end, it means one thing – instead of communicating, you are just telling words.


What happens by the end of the day? Many couples get together as if nothing happened. They realize that they ended up in a fight for no actual reasons. The conclusion is pretty simple – you got too much time on your hands. It may also represent a consequence of a stressful life. All in all, not matching each other is only a misconception, so get over this idea and focus on real causes.


Is Jealousy Normal in a Couple?


It is hard to tell whether particular things are normal or abnormal. What does being normal actually mean? What is it? Who can decide if something is normal? What are the rules? At this point, you end up with some psychological questions that no one can reply to. On a different note, it is easy to realize that jealousy is extremely frequent in most couples. Judging by this criterion, jealousy might indicate something normal. The more common it is, the more normal is seems.


Plenty of people look for online dating advice for guys when jealousy becomes overwhelming. If not sure how to solve relationship problems, external help is not just needed, but actually recommended. An overwhelming state of jealousy becomes the main indicator of a quasi-perpetual state of insecurity, distrust, inadequacy, fear, selfishness and immaturity. When you think about all these, jealousy becomes a solid trigger of unpleasant feelings and thoughts.


As a direct consequence, specialists recommend reflection. Stop asking yourself whether jealousy is normal or not. The answer is irrelevant. It only kills time. Instead, reflect over your relationship. Are you happy about it? This way, you gain the possibility to take jealousy for one of the varied aspects of a couple life. It is basically an ingredient of a regular relationship. It can be positive, neutral or negative – depending on your perception.


What Should You Do to Avoid Conflicts?


It makes no difference if you need advice for online dating or you look for tips on dating rich women. In any of these situations, conflicts can arise when least expected. They are perfectly normal in interpersonal connections. They seem hard to control. Sometimes, they help you determine whether the relationship is worth. Up to 80% of all people have no clue how to solve them by the book. Sure, a negative outcome might hit you out of nowhere, but it is still worth knowing the solution – communication. Indeed, communication is the key. How come?


Communication solves problems. It means being careful about your partner's point of view. Pay attention to it. Put yourself into their shoes. Listen, empathize, understand and imagine. What would you do if you were in their position? Try to ask yourself from an objective point of view. Observe the bigger image. Just like in your case, your partner does have a point of view. They do put out a real and solid statement sooner or later. Their truth is not necessarily too different from your truth.


Communication is critical, whether you are married for 10 years or you need tips on dating for married people. It is about a dialogue and not about two monologues. Take your time and expose your point of view one at a time. If you interrupt each other, communication becomes history. Avoid interrupting yourself as a form of respect. Does your partner have different opinions? They are not always conflictual – despite your beliefs. They are just different. Transform these contraries into good reasons to rediscover each other. How does it sound?


It is important to complete each other and not to be as like as two peas.




As a short final conclusion, you do not have to be a genius to learn how to solve relationship problems. Most people react and open their mouths before analyzing the situation upfront. Some of them regret this type of behavior later. Sometimes, it might be too late. Take your time when analyzing your relationship and accept changes. People change, as well as relationships. Be open minded and adapt yourself to these upgrades.

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