How to Stay Hopeful When You Are Failing At Finding Love

Dating can sometimes be upsetting. Many of us feel bummed after a first date with someone who never contacts again. Some just become hopeless and avoid dating at all. Hopelessness is bad both physically and emotionally. When you feel hopeless, your feel uneasiness in your tummy, your head starts to spin, your shoulders hurt, you lose your appetite, you feel unhappy and so forth. When you’re in this state, it’s tough for someone to reassure you things will get better eventually. You’ve have lost your self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of purpose.

But stop overacting, and there’s a way out. Here are five of them:

Stop thinking of being loved as your main purpose

You won’t remain single forever. It just didn’t happen to you yet. Life is full of struggles and things like “happily ever after” are a myth. People fall in love, have relationships, get married and divorced many times in their lives. Now, singles outnumber married population in the United States, according to latest statistics. So, stop thinking that you’re useless just because you’re not in a relationship or unmarried.

Prepare for dry spells

It doesn’t matter how much free or fun your single life is, there will be times when you’ll be sick of being alone. So, if you’re free on the weekends, spend it with your friends and family, instead of running errands. Go for a fun activity or visit someplace new. The key here is not letting your lonely and depressing thoughts occupying your head.

Enjoy your alone time

If you’ve been in a relationship or dated for a while, the last thing you wanted to do is spend another lonely or dateless Friday night by yourself. We understand it’s not what we want you to do, but at least make it enjoyable by having your own party. Do a movie marathon. Cook something nice for yourself with fresh produce from the farmer’s market. Pour yourself some expensive champagne. This will make you forget that you’re not waiting for a significant other to celebrate your life.

Tell yourself that everything you’re doing is right.

The truth is if people make an effort to find love, they eventually will find it. Stay motivated and tell yourself that everything you’re doing is directed towards your cause and needs. Before going to bed, visualize about all the things that you did that day. It might be you updated your online dating profile, changed your profile photo, and responded to an email. If you’re trying to lose some weight, remember how many minutes you ran on the treadmill, or how well you did in the aerobic session and so on.

Keep in mind; this phase will be over

If you’re in wrong place or time, give yourself a time limit on how long you’ll be sloshing around in there. It is okay if sulk about your life for a night. The next day, get over it, and send out few emails, and try again.

There is nothing wrong with you’re single or finding it difficult to find someone to love and be in a relationship. Brush it all off, relax and be a little patient. You won’t be single the rest of your life. It’s just that you’ve met the person you wanted to love.

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