How To Stop Liking A Guy You Know You Can’t Have?

Falling in love is irresistible. It just happens. It never asks a person before falling for the person you are attracted to. Moreover, it never takes into accounts the real situation that whether that person can be a part of your love life or not. If it had been that sensible then, this world would be a perfect place to live in. There would be no such feeling like rejection which is one of the most painful emotions. It simply shatters your confidence. It hurts you intensely, and you lost faith in yourself.

Lingering on to the situation and being stuck for a long time will only make your condition worse. Undoubtedly it is a quite difficult to move on but accepting the reality is the only choice you are left behind with. You need to put in a lot of efforts, the sooner, the better. This article is all about that how you can stop liking the guy you know that you cannot have.

Accept that you cannot have him

Certain things can never be changed. You have to accept it and accepting it at the earliest is better for you. You cannot everything in life which you wish for.

If you keep on sticking to the situation, then your love will start to grow more deeply and eventually you will be completely crushed. So accept the truth and move on for the betterment.

Stay busy with your friends

One of the best things which you can do is to surround yourself with your buddies. Have a time out. Hang out at shopping malls and restaurants. Keep your mind off from that person. Time spent with friends will give you a break and will freshen up your mind.

Keep Distance

It’s human nature that you look for the opportunities to bump into the person you are attracted to accidently. Or your eyes keep on wandering just to have a slight glance of him. Avoid doing this. This will only make you suffer more. When you know, you cannot have him then what is the point of doing all this.

Buy yourself a new book

Books are man’s best friend. I suggest you buy the new book for yourself and completely get lost in it. It will make you focus on the characters and their problems. This will be helpful in forgetting about your life’s reality for sometimes.

Avoid watching Romantic movies and soaps

The worst thing to be done during this period is to watch romantic stuff on the television. These films and soaps show all the fake promises and romance which will just make you more insane. The reality is quite different. It will just give false hope and heartache.

It is better to stay away from such movies and television shows and be more practical.

Start meeting new guy

You cannot get over with this until you start meeting a new guy. I know this sounds quite weird at the moment, but you have to start meeting a new guy so as to draw your attention away from the person you like.

It is not at all easy to stop liking the guy right away the moment you realize that you cannot have him but following the above mentioned will help you to come out of this phase and start looking for the person you can be with.

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