How To Talk To Girls – Hints And Tricks

How To Talk To Girls – The Best Techniques

Many guys are clueless when it comes to mastering how to talk to girls.

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This topic comes up in many conversations when guys talk among themselves.

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Every guy among your friends has a different take on girls and how to talk to them.

Many people find that quite confusing and get further disheartened with the output.

The best way to talk to girls is to first boost your confidence and self esteem.

This is not something very difficult to achieve.

The most effective way to learn how to talk to girls is to master a certain psychological technique which I'll let my friend Josh tell you about in the following video.

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Many notable philosophers concluded the power of mind centuries ago.

Today, science has also proven that the mind is more powerful than the body. Belief is the key to achieving that extra level of confidence that makes do things you deem impossible.

People can do extraordinary things when they strengthen their minds and focus on something. (Be sure to also read or post about flirting with girls)

Many people are unable to communicate socially because of low self-esteem while others lack confidence and are not able to communicate with people especially the opposite sex.

There are many who think that they are not attractive enough to talk to a certain girl or woman and don’t understand how to talk to girls.

This is in fact untrue as you can boost your confidence if you have belief in yourself.

People with self belief can do many things and can interact without any hesitation.

Self belief is the corner stone of how we think and express ourselves.


How To Talk To Girls – Believe In Yourself

You need to believe that you are smart, good looking and confident.

Many studies have been done on the matter which found that many guys with low self esteem were actually rated good looking or average looking by many girls.

This is a strange phenomenon which pointed out to the basic thinking of a man.

Many people act confident when they are not that confident but that does work for them. This is an unorthodox approach but works for many people.

The same is the case with many girls. People around you don’t notice the storm inside you when you are acting to be confident but who cares if that gets the job done.

You can easily reap the rewards to acting confident as you can talk to girls with ease.

There are many reasons behind low self esteem or low confidence levels.

Many people face internal turmoil in their private life which is why they feel a lack of confidence.

You can easily increase your self belief and confidence by facing your problems rather than running away from them.

Many people don’t take their problems seriously or run away from them.

This can have a very negative impact on your mind and can make you lose faith in yourself, which will make the whole process of how to talk to girls difficult.

This will also impact on how you communicate with the opposite sex.

Guys feel as if they are not aware of what girls want to wear. Many think of themselves as clueless about how to talk to girls.

They feel as if they are unaware of a girl's mind and interests. All of this goes through their mind before they even talk to girls.

Thinking this can also have a negative impact on your confidence level so it is best to stay relaxed. You can’t communicate with anyone if you are stressed out and feel a lack of confidence.

How To Talk To Girls 2

The best way to get noticed or to induce a respond is through asking a question.

You can start by asking a question which will do two things: get you noticed and induce a response. This is the best way to start a conversation and how to kiss a girl.

The other thing which is important is the timing.

Now, you might have seen many comedy shows and wondered how are they able to get people to laugh on every other thing they say.

Timing is key to all this as they say it in a manner that connects. The same philosophy works on girls as you have to be careful on what and when you say.

If you don’t say it in a respectful manner than you will not get noticed. Now mannerisms are important but don’t come on as a priest and talk like a normal guy.

You can talk about a host of different topics which can also introduce yourself to her. Always remember you are what you talk about. Many people take a strong objection to this but it is the truth.

Talking about video games would most defiantly introduce you as a “geek”. It is important to understand about what people think about various things.

You might have a different take on certain things but you need to come across as a person who belongs to the social culture and class and also understands social norms and values rather then someone who is trying to enforce his will.

This is probably the most difficult part as you would have to talk about things that you are not really interested in.

While you're reading this, consider the two terms Fractionation and Propinquity, we'll come back to them later.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to how to talk to girls is to make sure that you listen to her.

Now there is a world of a difference between listening and giving her control over the conversation. Once a woman realizes that she is doing all the talking she is most likely to lose interest.

Don’t let her get control over the conversation because as soon as that happens she will get bored and will find an exit.

The first conversation is all about introductions so don’t let loose and brag about all the things you excel in. You need to leave an aura of mystery about yourself you that she confirms another conversation.

Always ask about what she thinks about a certain thing.

This strategy has proved to be the most successful. Start the topic and then ask her opinion on it.

This will keep you in charge while inducing a two way conversation where it would give her the impression that you are talking normally.

Never try to over impress a woman as this will let her know that you are interested in her.

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The simple fact is that girls like guys who can take risks.

This shows them that you have an aura of masculinity. Girls are attracted to guys who are aware of how to talk to girls.

To really master the art of talking to girls, regardless of how confident you are, you need to learn the art of propinquity.

Watch the following video by my friend Josh and get ready to move into a new world where you call the shots and learn to talk to any girl you want, even the hottest girl in you school…

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Once you've mastered those techniques, there'll be no stopping you, and the best part? They'll work for the rest of your life. Today is a game changer.

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