How to Talk to Really Hot Girls

While I like to sculpt my game so it works on all women, when it comes to the upper tier of girls-I’m talking 9’s and 10’s- there are a few things I feel are inherently different when compared to speaking to your average girl. I’m going to focus on the most important one…

When you’re speaking with a really sexy girl you’re dealing with a girl gets hit on all the time. I’m talking like a few times a day at the very minimum. Men are savages when they see something they like we won’t wait around. While some women are going out trying to meet the man of the dreams, these girls might not have that on their mind because they can just sit back and let men come to them. Why work if you don’t have to?

So what do you do?

Consider it a challenge, a prime-time moment, and bring you A game out.

In these scenarios, we have to treat the situation like the ball is in our court at all times. No sitting around and waiting for something to come to you, go get it boy. Initiate the conversation, move forward as quickly as you can and make the most of your first night together because if you don’t give her a reason to hang out with your again- she won’t.

And while this is happening, you have to stick to every thing that you know about women and not let her get the upper hand on. It’s so tempting to immediately buy her a drink and tell her how’d you love to eat her ass with a spoon, but you can’t. Even if you have to actually sit there and think about what you’re doing, it’ll be worth it. And remember, it’s better to not say anything at all rather than saying something stupid. Minimize your mistakes, embrace the situation, and use it as a learning experience. Have fun knowing you’re talking to the sexiest chick at the bar, even if it ends there, and hey, if you fuck up, there’s always the swamper in the corner that will fuck you like you’re Johnny Depp.

I’ve made the mistake of settling for a smoke-shows number and being thrilled with that, figuring we would chill as early the next day. And then I say to myself, “Come’on dude, she already has something to do the next day. You know how much free shit hot girls get. You know better than that” The majority of guys are fucking ass kickers and every hot girl has an ex-boyfriend that will meet up with them on demand, and wipe their vag’s after they piss if they want them to.

With attractive women, a number means shit. They probably won’t even remember your name. That’s why you need to take it as far as you can the first night. If the girl says she’s going to leave and go to another bar, tell her you’re going with her. It might not even be in your plans to stay out that late, but you have to make sacrifices. Do everything you possibly can to hook up with her that night, and maybe even sleep with her. This way she will feel as if she has something invested in you, and you’ll be giving yourself a much better chance of seeing them again

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