If He doesn’t Follow These Rules, Then Being His Girlfriend Is Meaningless

When it comes to dating and relationships, for a man, having a girlfriend and being in a committed relationship are two separate things. Whenever a man asks you out on a date, and you start dating him, and eventually prompts you to be his girlfriend, what you have now is a label. If you want to have a loving, committed relationship, there are some agreements that you will need to abide.

Frankly, the label “girlfriend” doesn't tell much about yourself or anything else for that matter and what’s going on in a man's mind. You might ask why? The thing is he hasn't actually agreed to anything with you other than calling you in front of his parents, family members, close friends, and coworkers his “girlfriend.” Though, during the initial stages of the relationship, being his girlfriend is a good start. Now, let’s focus on what do you need or what it takes to agree to a long-term relationship together.

He Should Agree To Be In an Exclusive Relationship With You
It’s easy for you to assume that now that he has made you his girlfriend, being exclusive is an obvious fact. But remind yourself that relationships are built on mutual agreements, not assumptions. The first agreement you both will be making verbally is agreeing not to date other people and display the single status on dating websites and various social media sites. In other words, you're exclusive.

Your Relationship Has Stability And Continuity
Dating and relationships are all about building momentum and this especially true of men. When someone tells that your relationship has stability and continuity, it means that you both agree to see or meet each other regularly. It doesn’t matter how you’ll do it or what that means to you. A meaningful and long-term relationship is built on seeing each other persistently. This happens when you’re naturally meeting someone, but if you both have problems seeing each other less than once a week; then you may sit your partner and reach an agreement on how often you might want to see each other.

You've Made A Commitment
Commitment alongside trust is some of the most important components to have if you want to see yourself in a healthy and ever-lasting relationship. Commitment is usually defined as what you both verbally agree on which are your long-term relationship goals. What do you envision about your connection in the next two or three years? Are you aiming towards marriage? Do you want to have kids? Is this relationship just a summer fling?

One of the most important things about commitments in romantic relationships is that you both agree with each other and stay on the same page. Assumptions or expectations can cause pain and anxiety in the long run. Being his girlfriend isn’t an agreement or commitment, it’s merely a label. Agreements create the foundations for a lasting relationship, but sometimes it might be scary to ask for them. Remember, there isn’t any depth in a relationship that has witnessed plenty of conversation but has no trace of kept agreements.

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