Impending Doom: 6 Signs Your Relationship is About to End

Breaking Up

When a relationship ends, many of us wonder what happened or where we went wrong. We look back and try to think of exactly when the relationship started on its downward spiral. It turns out there are certain signs of a relationship nearing its end. To give you a heads up, we've got six signs that show your relationship is about to end. Read on to check them out:

1. You're flirting with/thinking of other people.

If you or your significant other have started focusing your attention on other people, the end is near. Maybe you've found yourself daydreaming about your cute co-worker. Maybe they've found themselves flirting with the barista at Starbucks. If either one of you is flirting with or picturing yourself with other people, consider your relationship on shaky ground.

2. You don't apologize to one another.

If you and your partner have stopped caring about one another's feelings, your relationship is nearing the end. If you're getting in fights and neither one of you is apologizing afterwards, it shows that you've both lost your empathy for one another. Neither one of you is concerned about how the other one feels, which is not a good sign for your relationship.

3. You've stopped talking about the future.

Did the two of you always discuss your future or make plans for your relationship? Do you find that those conversations are no longer happening? When you both stop discussing the future, it's a sign that there probably isn't a future. Either you or your partner is no longer picturing a future together, which means the love affair is over.

4. The conversation is awful.

If the conversation between you and your partner has become terrible, this is not a good sign for your relationship. When you first got together, you loved talking to one another. You could stay up all night talking and telling stories without ever getting bored. Now you dread having a conversation with them and agonize over what to even talk about. This is a surefire sign that things are winding down.

5. You're both being selfish.

When you both start being selfish, look at it as a bad sign. Maybe your partner used to do special little things for you like bringing home your favorite snack after work. Now they come straight home from work with their favorite coffee, bringing nothing back for you at all. When you're looking for something to watch, maybe you only consider what you want to watch and don't ask for their input. If you're no longer thinking of one another, consider your relationship over.

6. You don't try to spend time together.

Spending time together is the most important part of a healthy relationship. When the two of you no longer make an effort to spend time together, it's a sign your relationship will soon be over. Maybe you're choosing to spend your free time alone or with friends. Either way, you're actively choosing to not spend it with your partner. Consider this the beginning of the end.

Breaking Up


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