The Importance Of Taking A Break From Social Media Early In Dating

When it comes to dating, the impact of social media can be more harmful than initially thought. Reckless and obsessive can sometimes screw up relationships. During the early days of dating, it’s a common sight to see men and women to research the person they’re seeing and try to figure out who he or she really is. They’re also checking out whether this person is dating someone else. All of this understandably feels okay, but it’s not at this phase.

Here are three reasons where it might be better for you to take a break your social media accounts when you meet someone you’re interested.

1. It’s Unwise To Misinterpret A Friend Of Yours As A Romantic Interest
A Lot of people arrive at a flimsy conclusion on their own, without doing enough research. Most are automatically convinced that when you see a woman you like with her arms around a guy in one of her pictures, she might be attracted to him or has been in the past. You can make all of your social media accounts private if you don’t want people other than your friends making comments on your pictures or posts. But, that just solves the problem partly, as the same thing will happen all over again if that person asks you to add them as friends. If you find someone you like, freeze all of your social media accounts, and tell that person you’ve done it so to stop making vague comments when you look at their pictures on their pages and try to analyze them. If you say this, they won’t think you’ve gone crazy nor done something odd, because anyone who is looking for a date or is dating knows exactly what they’re talking about.

2. Resist The Temptation To Analyze Your Date’s Social Media Accounts
The first days of dating are stressful. We understand your curiosity to know more about that person you like and whom they’re hanging out with by looking at their social media accounts. But, keep in mind that if you want your new romantic relationship to thrive and succeed in the future, you’ve no choice but to make peace with yourself and be confident. Tell yourself that even if they’re dating other people at the same time, if we are compatible than the person that will choose me to be his or her partner in the end.

3. Checking Social Media Excessively Can Be A Sign Of Insecurity
If you’ve met someone you like, and can’t resist yourself in checking their social media accounts all the time, then we have a problem. If you’re always checking their social media accounts and if you find some photos or read something on their page walls made you nervous or makes you think there is someone else in the picture, it is an indication that you’re feeling insecure. Your best approach here is not to add any new people of the opposite sex as “friends” on social media in the first couple of months. Try not to have any conversations about it, and when your boyfriend or girlfriend asks you about it, be open and honest about it. Tell them that you’ve had past experiences where social media makes things complicated in the early days of dating, and you don’t any of those things creep into your romantic relationship.

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