Important Considerations To Survive Your Relationship Without Sex

Sexual intercourse is an important part in the life of the couples. There are many people who think that their relationship has no meaning without sex while there are lots of other people who believe that there is a need to maintain the intimacy only, it’s definitely not necessary to have the sexual intimacy. Intimacy is about establishing connection and bond with your partner. In the physical intimacy there is a share of body fluids while in the emotional intimacy there is a share of emotions. Hence, the latter kind of intimacy is known to have a long lasting effect than the previous one. Such type of relationship is often termed as the friendship based relationship.

Although, it is not a complete friendship based still for most of the people this type of relationship occurs between two friends. But, in reality, there are higher chances of survival in this kind of relationship as there is more emotional bonding. So, it will be unfair to consider relationship without sex weak. Just, there is a need to consider some important points for making your relationship long lasting.

Feel like you have met recently

You can take your relationship as if you have just met your partner. It is one of the greatest ways to make your relationship stronger and enjoyable. Feel like it is the beginning of your relationship and you have to make certain efforts in order to impress your partner. When you start thinking like this, you will be able to try out new things to make your relationship work and you will also get new ideas to make your relationship better.  When you feel trapped in your relationship, start pretending that you are a new couple and let the things to go smoothly for your relationship.

Flirting is a healthy exercise that enables to maintain the warmth of your relationship forever with your partner. Often flirt with your partner, you can go for the physical flirt or eye flirt. Take help from the social media websites to work on your relationship. Create your account on the social media and start text chatting or video chatting with your partner to bring the feel of start of your relationship.

Bring newness in your life

Maintain the newness in your relationship and you can enjoy your relationship without sex by including the fun elements in your life. When you feel like being trapped in the relationship or everything around your relationship becomes boring, you should look for the ways that help to bring the newness in your life.  Add some adventure in your life, go for the tour in group, spend quality time together, get yourself involved with the interest areas of your partner, do new things, share your secrets with your partner and flirt with each other. It will help to bring more strength to your relationship and ensure that better understanding can be created.

Go for the non sexual touching

These are some of the non sexual touches that will help you to get the boost in your relationship. Physical intimacy doesn’t always mean a sexual intercourse for physical satisfaction. You can create the intimacy with your partner through non sexual touches also. Some of the acts of non sexual touching include:

  • Cuddle with each other
  • Caress cheeks of your partner
  • Hold hands while talking and walking
  • Look into each other’s eyes
  • Rub the back of your partner
  • Tickle on different body parts
  • Sit close to each other so that you are able to touch each other’s arms, legs and you are able to feel the warmth of his/her body
  • Flirt with your partner
  • Text dirty
  • Hug/kiss
  • Sleep together
  • Butterfly kiss
  • Dance
  • Groom your partner

These are the ways by which you can explore the intimacy beyond sexual intimacy. With these great ways to bring physical intimacy, you will be able to create the harmonious relationship with your partner. Benefits of these non sexual intimacies are that you will be able to know more about your partner and get the great pleasure on spending quality time with each other. Non sexual touches are also important for the sexual life as it makes your partner comfortable with your touches and arouses your partner before getting laid so that things get easier for you.

Get playful with each other

It is often said that if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest, you should never let your maturity level to overcome your childishness. Maturity makes you sensible while the happiest times of your life were in your childhood. Thus, keep all your worries aside and be childish with your partner. For this, you should not hesitate at all. Tease your partner, play games, run together, have pillow talk, get intimate with each other, talk naughty, give surprises to each other, cross dress your partner and do things that you used to do with your friend during your childhood. It will give you intense pleasure with your partner and also, your partner will get more attached to you. Thus, if you want to get into a relationship without sex or you want to make a new start of your married life then use this trick to get the attention from your partner.

Build understanding with your partner

Couple relationship is a blend of feelings like love, care, respect, friendship and sex. All these elements are needed to enjoy a perfect relationship with your partner. But, these feelings will be useless, if there is no understanding between the partners. If they are not compassionate for each other, then it will be hard to bring these feelings in your relationship.  Thus, you should first try to put your efforts to develop the understanding with your partner. Relationship without sex, friendship, love or care can survive but it cannot survive on absence of understanding.

To understand your partner, you should be open for listening to him/her. Before interrupting your partner while speaking let him/her speak and then present your point of view so that all the things can be sorted out and you will be able to see the things from your partner’s point of view.

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