Important Things to Know When Dating Someone Older

Most men and women are judgmental when you’ve date someone who is significantly older than you. You start hearing dating rules such, “Don’t date someone ten years older than you,” or “Your marriage won’t last because your husband is 20 years older than you”, and so forth. The truth is people love rules, and they believe that by adhering to them they won’t get hurt. In reality, it’s untrue. Age is just a number and age differences have nothing to for a relationship to work. Just ensure that you both have the same goals for your life and the relationship together.

Psychological Age Vs. Chronological Age

We all have a chronological age, and then we also have, which most call it, a psychological age. Chronological age refers to they feel old because of their age, or if a person’s age reflects how the old they feel. Now, psychological age is a little different. If you’re dating someone who is significantly older, try to assess whether he or she has younger friends, enjoys music, likes to dance or workout, have hobbies, is spontaneous or not, have an active social life and so on. If you answer these questions sincerely, you’ll have plenty of information whether you can have a long-term relationship with an older person. However, instead of asking the questions directly to him or her, be discreet and gather the information over time. If won’t be fully correct, but you can get a glimpse of how things will work out in the future.

Determine Your Respective Sexual Interests

Don’t assume that he or she isn’t very sexually active because they're older than their partners. Often people put too much emphasize on the importance of sexual attraction, whenever they see someone dating an older person. Though it is necessary to some extent, every person’s sexual preference are different.

Analyze Your Tendency For Indulgences

Some behaviors are harmless, but the same behaviors can become a problem or even addiction if taken to extremes. For example; drinking alcohol, gambling, traveling, spending, and shopping. So, if you like these, then you need to find someone who also likes these things or someone who is okay doing those things without him or her.

Assess Your Social Circles

If you’re dating someone older and before making your relationship official, think about your friends, family members, co-workers, and even acquaintances with whom you usually socialize. Try to visualize how your older partner will fit in your social circle as of today’s standards. Besides, also think about all the people your older partner socializes. Try to assess if he or she feel relaxed and comfortable socializing with the crowd. A harmonious relationship will only take place if there’s a reasonably coherent overlap of the two social circles.

The takeaway is being in love with a person who is much older than you can be a very rewarding as well as one of the most frustrating experiences in your life. Even though being compatible is a critical factor in any relationship, the stakes are raised even higher when one of the partners is significantly older than the other. So, think about all the important factors in deciding if you want to have a relationship with someone older.

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