Improving Your Sex Life In Marriage: Most Effective Ways

You two have been in a marriage for many years, and sex life isn’t as fun as at the beginning. Just living like this isn’t an option. Sex life has a huge role in marriage and if it isn’t satisfactory for both of you, it can lead to severe problems, even divorce! The fact 60% of couples experience problems and ‘’boring’’ sex is something that should help you try harder to make things better. Most couples avoid talking about this, due to some reason. We must advise you that talking with your spouse is mandatory and it is one of the best ways to improve sexual life when married.

Luckily, there are a lot of other ways that can help you with your sex life. They will make it fresh and better than ever, which will lead to a better marriage and higher satisfaction. Now, we will reveal the best ways to improve sexual life when married.

  1. Improve foreplay, make it longer

Having foreplay with the same person, in the same location for the same amount of time looks more like a rule than a turn-on! Especially women like long and gentle foreplay, so this is the first way you will have to improve in order to improve sex. It should be longer than 15 minutes and try something new is more than just recommended. Try to be spontaneous.

  1. Make your oral sex more common

Oral sex has a huge effect on the sex life. It isn’t something you should do, it is something you must do. Why do it only before sex? Why not have it in the morning or before going to bed? Men should be gentle and use slow, well-directed moves with their tongue. Women should about teeth, and use their tongue and lips only unless their husband demands the teeth! Practice every day in order to become better.

  1. Role playing

Wearing uniforms and creating different scenarios is also one of the best ways to improve sexual life when married. This way has a huge role due to a simple reason. It will help you believe that you have sex with a different person. Don’t be afraid of it. You two are the same, but your brain will think this is a new situation, so sex will be more interesting than ever. Here, we can include fantasies. Every single person has them, so using them is important and advised. It can make foreplay, oral sex, and the actual sex longer and better. Important: Don’t just try one thing, try as many as you can.

  1. Different positions are the key

A woman on top or missionary? Which one you prefer more? These are the most common sex positions and we can even say that they are standard. If you want to make your sex life better, you will have to try new things. New positions are just the beginning and they are needed. First of all, they can help you make the sex better. Then, you will have a better erection and better climax in some positions. In simple words, this is a huge change in your sex life that will simply make sex more appealing and we know that doing something new is always good.

  1. Try different sex types

Having sex in the same bed is boring, as we said. However, there are a lot of other things you can try. Quickies have a huge satisfactory rate, so we advise you to try them first. In the morning, before you go to work, before going to a party and anytime you can. You won’t have enough time for ordinary sex, meaning that quickies are something fresh and different.

Relaxing sex should be used as well. In the morning, when you two don’t have to go to work, spend some time together in bed. Be gentle and enjoy as long as possible. Take a break and do it again.

Sneaking sex is when you are hiding from someone. Do it at a party or when your parents/children are in the next room. An interesting fact is that your bodies will understand you are in a hurry, so you will climax much sooner!

  1. Send sexy photos

Everyone wants to see a sexy picture or video. This is the main reason why 25% of the Google searches are related to porn and 60 million people watch porn every day. Why not do it for your spouse. Sending sexy picture will be more than just beneficial. First, it will make a day better for your loved one. It will reduce stress on a job and it will lead to something more. The main goal here is to intrigue the attention of your spouse. In essence, you should send mysterious pictures, where only legs, breasts, sexy lingerie or etc. is seen.

Sending sexy messages or sexting is a great way to begin this type of conversation. You two can spend hours doing this and it will be fun and interesting every single time you use it. Yes, you can use free alternatives, such as emails, messengers, Whatsapp and Viber.

  1. Sex toys can be more than just beneficial

Some couples will avoid using toys simply because men will believe that they cannot satisfy their woman. Actually, this doesn’t have anything to do with it. First of all, sex toys can make the entire sex better. Because you are trying something new, the sex life will be better. Try to remember that there are sex toys for men and women, so you can use both of them, at the same time.

Final thought

These are the best ways to improve sexual life when marriedand they are something you should use. Even if you are a new married couple, all of these ways can help you boost your sex life, which will have numerous benefits on your marriage. Let’s just add the fact that there are countless reasons why you should use these ways, but not a single one why you should avoid them.

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