Internet Addiction: What To Do When Your Partner Is Addicted To Social Media

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Let's be real: We're all obsessed with social media. We love posting quippy remarks on Twitter. We love posting pictures of our outfits (or our meals) on Instagram. We simply must see what our friends are up to on Facebook. The social media cycle is never-ending! With all the social media outlets to check, it's almost impossible to put our phones down. While social media can be fun, it can also be destructive, especially for relationships. It's hard to really connect with your partner and have a good time when they are glued to their phone checking social media. It's difficult to go out somewhere when your partner needs to snap pictures for Instagram every five minutes or constantly “check in” on Facebook. If you feel that your partner is addicted to social media, you need to do something about it. But what can you do?

If you feel like your partner is addicted to social media, talk to them about it! Bring it up in a nice and mature manner. Don't make them feel like you are attacking them or criticizing them. Explain to them that you feel like their attention is focused more on social media than actual interaction. Explain how you feel when they are glued to their phone rather than engaging with you. It might help to start pointing out when you catch them on social media at inappropriate times. This can help to show them that they have become obsessive over their social media accounts.

It can also be helpful to suggest a “social media break.” Suggest that both you and your partner take a break from social media, just for a few days or even weeks. This will help your partner to realize they do not need to constantly be on social media outlets. You can also set aside certain times that it is okay to check social media, such as when they're alone and definitely not when you're on a date!

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