Internet Romance: 5 Mistakes Men Make On Their Online Dating Profiles

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Online dating is the new standard when it comes to finding romance, but not everyone has success using dating apps. Some people sign up on every dating app and swipe through thousands of potential partners, but nothing seems to work. Is there something they're doing wrong? It turns out there are some major mistakes that can hinder your online dating game, especially for men. So guys, if you're having a hard time finding love online, you'll want to check out these five mistakes men make on their online dating profiles:

1. Posting Only Selfies

Listen, we know that you think your shirtless mirror selfie looks great, but it's not gonna get you many dates. It's okay to have one selfie on your online dating profile, but having multiple selfies is a mistake for many reasons. First off, it makes you look like a narcissist. Second, if all of your pictures are just you, potential partners are going to think you have no friends – which could be a red flag to some people.

2. Lying About Yourself

This is a mistake that so many people make when it comes to online dating. They want to make themselves look more interesting or appealing, so they lie about what their interests and hobbies are. This is a mistake because it's like catfishing someone. You're painting a false picture of who you are and once any potential partners get to know you, they'll see that you lied about what you really like.

3. Bragging About Your Accomplishments

It's one thing to share a few accomplishments that you're proud of. It's another thing to turn your entire online dating profile into a love letter to yourself. If all you're doing is bragging about your accomplishments and talking about how great you are, you're going to send potential partners running (or swiping) away.

4. Making Spelling Errors or Grammatical Mistakes

Your online dating profile doesn't need to be a Harvard-quality essay, but you do need to avoid spelling errors and bad grammar. Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are likely to turn many people off from dating you because they will think you didn't even care enough to make your dating profile look good.

5. Being Cheesy

It may seem easy to slap a cheesy pickup line on your online dating profile, but don't do it. Very few people find them cute or funny anymore. In fact, most people find them downright nauseating. Cheesy pickup lines or innuendos will only keep you far away from finding any online love.

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