Is being ripped really attractive? What does a girl think?

Fitness is everything in real life. Fitness is the key to enjoy the life to the fullest. Fitness provides you energy, attitude, stamina, and confidence to conquer the world at your own. Most of the people visit gym and they spend lots of hours training so that they may look ripped. But the question arises is being ripped attractive? Getting your body ripped looks quite attractive, but over ripping your body looks dirty and makes you look like a giant or a kind of scary person. From movies to advertisement everywhere you will get to see ripped men and women generally get attracted to such men. There are many film stars who are popular for their ripped body and attractive looks. A ripped body always looks great whether it’s a male or a female. A ripped body always looks attractive and can be helpful to you in many ways.

Mentioned below are the several answers to a single question of “is being ripped attractive”?

Women get attracted to ripped men: It is a universal truth that women get attracted towards ripped men or those men who have a toned body. Women like those men who have a broad shoulders and small waist body ratio. The women like those men who have a V-shaped body and look attractive. Men train for a long time in order to get their body ripped and look toned. It is scientifically proven that most of the women do get attracted towards a fit guy whose body is toned and ripped. Many guys use their ripped body to play games with women. They show their toned body and enjoy the attention from the women. Muscles or toned body do provide the first impression, but after all the personality, mentality and the character is the only thing which matters for the women. Women who are seeking long term relationship will over look your appearance and will prefer those men who are good at heart rather than good at body. So many men will say yes to is being ripped attractive?

Respect: Getting your body ripped and toned does offer respect among people. After all maintaining and building your body requires a lot of strength and dedication to get your body ripped. Transforming your fat body to ripped body will certainly need a lot of courage and every man goes under a lot of pain while building his body. Training will increase your attention, but it will also increase your respect that others will offer to you. If you have a great toned body, then the people will certainly appreciate your body and all the effort that has made your body look ripped. When you go out on the streets many people will look at your body and will smile back at you appreciating your efforts. Also, many people will certainly ask you about some tips that can help them to get their body toned. It always feels great when people appreciate your hard work towards getting your body back into shape.

Increase in confidence: With your ripped body on the display, a lot of women will get attracted towards you in the bars or in the clubs. Many women will also adore your ripped body when you are on the streets. Your co-workers will also appreciate your body and give compliments to you. All this attention, attraction and compliments will certainly boost your confidence and you will feel like a king who is ruling them all. Confidence is the main key to success. With all the confidence filled inside you, you will certainly make you earn a lot of success.

Motivation to succeed: A fit man will always feel confident while doing anything. That confidence will boost his morale and there are chances that he may end up getting success at everything. Ripping and toning your out of shaped body requires a lot of efforts, planning and execution to make your body look slim and attractive. This gives you the knowledge of how to do planning and execution of different work and activities. It can help you in making your strategy for your business, or to do planning to manage your business. While exercising there are a lot of things that need to be managed in order to get a toned body. This can help you in managing your regular activities with ease and simplicity.

Women will try to engage with you: Your ripped body will certainly attract women towards you. They will approach you and try to initiate the conversation with you. This happens mostly at the bars or in the clubs. They will flirt with you and try to get as close as possible to you. It is your physique that has turned them on you. These women will try to use you to fulfill their dream fantasies which means these women will offer themselves to get laid with you. Most of such women are not looking forward for a relationship, instead they look forward to fulfill their body and mind requirement.

Weight control: Ripping your body also plays a major role in controlling and managing your body weight. The calorie burn depends upon the rate of workout. Those guys who have less muscles will consume fewer calories. Those guys who have big muscles will definitely consume more calories than those with smaller muscles. The muscles burn calories to generate the energy that is required to do the daily work. So, those guys who have big muscles are less likely to get fat or gain excess weight. Their big muscles will require high amount of calories which will result in burning of fat from the body making them look more slim and reducing the extra weight. Slim guys are most likely to gain extra weight as well as extra fat because their body works on efficient calories which results in low consumption of calories resulting in extra storage of fat which certainly increases the body weight. So, if someone asks you is being ripped attractive? In that case your answer should be yes.

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