Is Dating a Co-Worker Good or A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

There is nothing unusual people telling that they’ve fallen in love with that cute lady or that handsome guy at work. But is dating a coworker a lucky thing or just a call for disaster? Consider the pros and cons of such relationships before you make such a decision.

Dating someone from work has some benefits. As both of you are working in the same, you most likely know about his/her strengths and weaknesses. You have seen how he/she handles stress and treats her peers and colleagues. Even better, as you both work for the same employer, you two will have the working hours, days and holidays. Both of you’ll have the same values, friends and coworkers. But, all isn’t rosy here. Think whether your relationship will become a topic of office gossip? Will your other co-workers conspire with you? Will they become resentful and jealous towards you? Will you be treated differently by your boss, supervisors or coworkers after they come to know that you’re dating someone at work?

Then there’s the question whether your office romance will affect your productivity at work? There is a chance that you’ll get distracted by your new love interest, at least during the initial stages, and if the relationship breaks down, will you become less efficient in carrying out your job duties? After all, you’re responsible for accomplishing certain tasks by your company. If you think that dating a coworker, will make it harder for you to keep your love life and professional life separate, or it might make you less productive, then having a relationship with a coworker isn’t a right decision.

You should also take into account the financial impacts if the relationship ends. Would you feel comfortable working with him/her at proximity post-breakup? If not, is there any option that you’ll be relocated to another department or location? Or, will you need to look for a new job somewhere else?

Nonetheless, if you’re still interested to date someone at work, the following guidelines will make the whole experience a lot smoother.

Follow the rules of your company or organization. If your company forbids you from dating your coworkers, follow it. Some companies allow it after disclosing it to your boss or supervisors. Don’t date someone who directly answers to you or you answer to them, such your boss or supervisors. You must need to avoid any chances of favoritism, abuse of power, conflicts of interests or gossips from your coworkers.

Maintain clear boundaries between your personal and professional lives. While on the job, focus on it 100 percent. What you do at your workplace is your employer’s business, and what you do outside of work is your personal business.

Keep your romantic behavior discreet. Don’t make your colleagues feel uncomfortable by showing affection to your coworker when things are good, or grief when things go awry. Besides, don’t use any office phone or emails for personal communication as it can interfere with your privacy.

Love can find you anytime, anywhere. Despite all the problems, it’s still possible for singles to date their co-workers and have loving, lasting relationships with them. After all, this is where most people spend almost half of their days.

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