Is He Really ‘In Love’ With You?

We all have come across women who have invested a lot of time and energy in their relationships just to find out that the man they’re in love with doesn’t love them. Most women get confused and downright angry about it. They can’t seem to understand that how can a man ask them out, buy gifts for them, have sex with them, and then out of the blue admit to them that they don’t have feelings for her? Were they just pretending all along? This thought will make everyone go crazy, not only women.

So, what’s really going on here?

A man will date a woman he’s physically attracted and interested in her. He will take her to dates, spend time with her, and be physically intimate with her. He will do all this without telling her he wants to have a committed and exclusive relationship with her. Meanwhile, a woman will think that he likes her and is committed to her if he acts this way. She feels like the guy has a connection with her and takes it as a sign that he wants to be in a long-term relationship with her. Well, don’t be so sure about, unless the guy says to you that he intends to have a committed and long-lasting relationship, this isn’t a done deal. It is a mistake too many women seem to make and eventually pays for it.

Emotional Attraction Vs Physical Attraction

You can only have an actual relationship with a man if he is emotionally attracted to you. Emotional attraction goes beyond physical attraction. When a guy is emotionally attracted to you, he will open up his feelings, share his insecurities and fears, and tried to connect to you at a deeper level. So, how can you make a man feel emotionally attracted to you? Here are a few ways:

• Get him to feel safe by opening up to you. You can make a man intimate with you if you can get him be honest with you. And women do it best. So, first do it yourself. Be an excellent communicator and share stories, feelings, and experiences with him.

• Make him feel understood. When a guy has a conversation and shares his feelings with you, don’t be judgmental or criticize him. It will shut him out. All you can here is to listen to him.

• Aim for creating positive moments together. Instead of making your man think of you as a commitment material, try to be at the moment, have fun and enjoy memorable moments together. A guy already has a lot of stress in his life, and he wants a positive and safe way to let go of it. So, talking about your marriage, relationships goals, kids, etc. will only make him more stressed out. So, play some sports, enjoy a funny movie, or go for a vacation, or anything that will relax him.

The bottom line is it’s the emotional connection that tells a man deep inside that he has found the right woman whom he likes, and wants to be mentally and sexually intimate with her. And in the process, wants to have a committed, exclusive relationship with her.

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