Is it a Good Idea to Date These Certain Types of People?

Do you think dating people who you see every day is suitable? We’ve created a list of people around you who may seem to be good dating choices, but at the end of the relationship, they just test your shrewdness.

1. The Coworker
Anyone can fall in love at any place, at any time. And it can happen at work too. As we spend most of the time at work, it's no surprise that people may fall in love with their coworkers. There are some common issues that the colleagues face. Both of you have to commiserate with the boss, brainstorm over an important project, or about upcoming changes at work, without fear of annoying each other.

Your colleagues may not take your love affair well in your office area. If you more concentrate on the relationship, if they sense your productivity is lacking, they may report to your boss. Dating someone at the office means you’re taking a high risk, you take it as a resourceful way to be excited about work. If you still want to date your coworkers, tell your supervisors about it, as most companies have rules for interoffice dating.

2. The Boss
In a professional environment, dating a person in a superior position than yours is a bad idea. It’s flattering that your boss wants to date you. And, we also understand why men and women are attracted to a person with power. It’s totally understandable why dating your boss seems like a very good idea if you want preferential treatment at work, or want to get promotion fast. But, remember, one thing, no matter how good you work or nice, your coworkers will resent you and talk behind your back. And, if and when the relationship ends, it’s highly likely that you’ll lose both your new love interest and your job.

3. A Friend’s Sibling
Dating a friend’s sibling is sensitive. You think his or her family is your family and your family is his or her family. If you are thinking to date a friend’s family member, like your friend’s sister or brother, keep in mind, that your relationship between you and your friend will change. You may be his or her best friends, but your friends might oppose of you being his or her brother’s or sister’s love interest. Also, once the romantic relationship fizzles, you may lose your best friend. If you must need to date a friend’s sibling, you need to first think long and hard about the consequences of such relationships in the long-run.

4. The Neighbor
Many of us may have the attractive individual next door. You see this guy or gal out in the yard, grocery store, cleaners, gas station and so on. One beautiful summer day while you are mowing the lawn or washing the car or just enjoy a cup of coffee; it’s natural to catch up with bordering buddy Mr. Handsome. Very soon you two get pretty intimate, go for dinner dates, and partake in casual TV-watching. Dating a neighbor is certainly desirable because there’s no traveling involved. But before asking him or her out, you should weigh the pros and cons of getting involved with someone who lives so close. Because should your relationship goes south, you will run into your old flame frequently including at grocery stores, gas station, farmer’s market, etc.

5. Your Ex or Your Friend’s Ex
We call it a break up because the relationship is broken. Dating your ex or revisiting a past relationship for the hope of a dramatic change in your life is meaningless. You may expect a second chance, or maybe you rightfully deserve one but don’t expect miracles. There is no guarantee that a second chance will reignite the fire the romance in your old relationship, nor will it make it work.

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