Is It a Good Idea to Date Your Best Friend?

Knowing someone for long or maybe since childhood, you share a very real and valuable relationship called friendship.  What if this relationship takes a turn and starts its journey on the roads of love and romance. Isn’t it excited? But at the same time, you are still confused about it. You do have certain fears in your heart and mind. Several queries do occur which you would like to ask yourself, and you are finding it difficult to take a wise decision. A few signs are mentioned in the checklist below which might help you to make your choice.

Other friends start pointing out

Within the group, your mates sense the chemistry between you two, and they regularly ask about when you are getting together. No matter how many times you both deny, they will try their best to convince you both to get along.

You always end up at the similar point

Being best friends, you must have confided each other about various issues and shared a lot together. When you see that you end up with the same conclusions and ideas especially about the dating, then you two makes a perfect match.

You are into each other’s life beyond personal level

It is not limited to only being friends; in fact, it is about being a part of a family. You know when the appointment of your best friends’ mother is or how well the younger brother did in exams etc.

You are more into touch feel

No need to be shy and face it!! You are more physical with each other than normal best friends. Tight hugs, no contact barriers and most of all flirty looks and conversation are the clear signals.

Your day seems incomplete without each other

They are the first one you want to talk to or share about the problem or any happening. You still make sure to stay in a constant contact even apart.

They are the only one you want to talk about

Among friends, in every gathering all you talk about is your best friends. Even if you do not want to talk about your bestie, but you cannot hold it back and share all the fun time you had together with each other. 

Sharing silence is equally perfect

Going out having fun is just too perfect but if you like just sitting quietly together, doing absolutely nothing, sharing silence and enjoying each others’ company then transforming this relationship from friendship to romance is worthwhile.

You are purely connected

You can read each others’ mind. You can complete sentences for each other. You can clearly figure out that what is behind the silence or what is behind the aggression. So, how can you miss such a supportive and ideal person who knows every mood swing of yours?

It can be ended on a little note which you should keep in mind that things can never be the same if your relationship does not work out. But what I believe choosing your best friend as a life partner whom you can trust wholeheartedly is worth a decision to be taken.

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