Why Isn’t He Replying To Your Dating Profile Messages? Here Are Some Real Reasons!

Some people really hate online dating, and some of the reason they explain are pretty legit. They tell that they hate it because there’s absolutely no way to tell who a person is without meeting them in person. Then there are lots of folks who don’t bother replying to your messages, and that can be kind of jarring. You keep wondering whether the guy who seemed like a good match for you is interested in you or what.

If you’re wondering why men don't respond to your messages, here are some reasons that may explain it:

1. You Aren’t His Type – Physically
Love it or hate it – when it comes to dates, “hot” people will make it to the finish line first, especially if you’re a woman. This is exactly why most people, particularly women, are reluctant to look for potential partners online as it’s difficult to find a guy who can look beyond a woman’s physical appearance.

2. People Assume That You Seem Crazy
This is pretty common. If you’re seeing a pattern of guys ghosting, revisited your profile, and reread all your messages, it might make you think that he’s desperate, depressed or too aggressive. But, he eventually bailed on you because he was worried that you might over-react if he gets in touch with you. Another reason can be that he took longer than usual to check his account and realized that it would be awkward to message you back and you might over-react.

3. He Got Caught By His Girlfriend/ Wife
This one is not only crazy, it downright dangerous. It’s reported that as many as one out of every four profiles in most dating sites has been created by a guy who is already in a serious relationship.

4. He Found Someone Else
Most men will stop chatting on dating sites only after they’re in serious and committed relationships. Guys get fed up with everything, and online dating is no exception. If you find that all of a sudden his dating profile has disappeared, it’s highly likely that he’s done with looking for dates online, or is has found someone else. You may think that it’s unfair, but it is what it is, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

5. You May Have Taken Too Long To Reply
Come on; this can happen to anyone of us. You become busy with life; you spend a week without checking your inbox, and in the meantime, a cute guy checks your profile and sends you a message. If you've waited too long to reply, he’ll think that you’re not interested in him and move on. Well, it’s unfortunate, but wouldn’t you do the same?

6. He’s Just Not Interested
You can’t force people to be attracted or be interested in you. There is no point in sitting there and tell your potential match to be interested in you because, to be honest, it doesn’t work. So, don't waste your time and move on.

7. He Doesn’t Want To Be Serious With You
He might have realized that he wants to be in a relationship, but at the same time also realized that he’s not ready to be in a committed relationship. Most guys, after realizing that the woman they found online is only looking a commitment relationship and nothing else, he will leave her. To tell the truth, this is both hurtful and courteous at the same time.

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