Jason Statham Diet Plan Is Easy To Follow By Anyone Who Just Wants To Stay Fit

Jason Statham is one of Hollywood's elites, winning lots of fans for his authenticity and physique in the movies he plays. He is a former international diver who was part of Britain's Great Team for 12 years. No wonder from where he gets his agility and sculpted muscles. He debuted in movies playing his first roles in Guy Richie's Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch where he played alongside Brad Pitt. These roles were actually just the begin before his big hit in The Transporter.
Since he became so famous, Statham started to pay more attention to his look and fitness shape. He works out a lot to keep active in his movies, but he also uses Jason Statham Supplements which give him tons of energy.
When it comes to the diet he is not very stressed about calories and this is because his metabolism is already alert after years of diving.  “I never gave a f*ck about a calorie. An apple? It's good for me. I'd have five. Bananas? Eat the lot,” Jason says in a recent interview.
Jason Statham Diet



He normally eats fresh fruits and oats. The location kind of demands what you eat for breakfast. If he is somewhere cold and wintry, fresh fruit’s not that appealing. But if he is out here in California, strawberries and fresh pineapple are definitely on his menu. In England, he’ll have granola or porridge. He does eat poached eggs.

Steamed vegetables and brown rice or he tries a nice miso soup.

High protein—fish, chicken, lean beef —a vegetable, or salad. 7 o’clock is the latest he eats

Between Meals
Eats small, high-protein snacks like nuts or peanut butter. He also drinks a minimum of three liters of water a day.

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