Jason Statham Workout and Diet Plan

Or course we know Jason Statham as the ass-whooping action movie star, but Statham was a former international diver that placed as high as 12th place at the World Championship back in 1992.

Jason eventually gave up diving and went on to co-star in Snatch and starred in Italian Job. His performances received such positive reviews he eventually landed the leading role in movies, The Transporter and most recently, Death Race.

Due to his rise in fame, Jason Statham had to rethink health and fitness.  He never cared about working out.  He would eat a ton of fruits because they were healthy, but keeping count of calories and amount of protein was just not something that was important to him.

The roles he played were extremely physical and active, so in his free time as a hobby he started practicing MMA.  Soon enough he realized MMA wasn't enough so he turned to a new workout regiment.

His new workout plan was 6 days a week and never lasted more than 35 minutes.  Within 6 weeks he was able to drop 20 lbs of fat. But we believe the real reason for his massive gains are because of the Jason Statham Supplements, a celebrity muscle stack known for helping Hollywood star pack on a massive amounts of muscle in a short period of time.



The workout in and of itself is relatively simple; it consists of a 10 minute total body warm-up on the rowing ergometer, followed by another ten minutes of a medium intensity exercise such as the following:

Barbell Front Raise:
4 Sets x 20 Reps

Dumbbell Burpees
4 Sets x 20 Reps

Farmers Walk
3 Sets 
(1 Set is equal to walking length of gym floor and back again)

Wide Grip Pull-ups
4 Sets x  8 Reps

Bear Crawl Sled Pull
3 Reps
(1 Set is equal to crawling on all fours length of gym floor)

Close Grip Pulldowns
5 Sets x 5 Reps

Front Squats
4 Sets x 20 Reps

Hanging Knee Raises
4 Sets x 25 Reps

Weighted Step Ups
4 Sets x 20 Reps

One Arm Cable Rows
5 Sets x 5 Reps

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