Is Your Jealousy Gone Too Far In Your Relationship?

Jealousy is one of most unattractive traits of human behavior. Jealousy is mental cancer. Being jealous in a romantic relationship as well as in other partnerships will make you crazy. If jealousy has overtaken your mind and subconscious, it will make your life unbearable. If you feel jealous all the time, not only will this affect your focus, it will also make you physically sick. Jealousy will force you to do or say things to your boyfriends, girlfriends, family members and friends that you’ll regret later, and you can do anything in your power to make this right. In short, jealousy can single-handedly ruin a good relationship.

If you have a boyfriend openly chats or flirts with other women, or if had a sexual affair with someone woman, then you’ve to created by the stone of not to feel jealous, pain and betrayal. In this case, jealousy is natural. But things change when jealousy is self-created and has little to no resemblance to reality. It acts like a poison that overwhelms you and takes control of your life. It destroys your self-esteem and confidence. The jealousy which we will be talking about here in this article is the jealousy is based on fear. When it comes to jealousy, many ladies will make plenty of excuses for their jealous behavior. Most do their best to justify the actions that they would take to spy on their boyfriends or husbands as if they aren’t responsible for their jealousy. But, one thing is for sure, jealousy feels wrong. It is sad, unhealthy, and unattractive, and kills the love in a relationship.

Has Your Jealousy Crossed The Line?
Measuring the level of jealousy in men and women are pretty subjective. But, there are times where people around you think that your jealousy crossed the line. It has if:

1. You constantly keep tabs or checking up on your man’s Facebook or Twitter page.
2. You find it tough to refrain yourself from checking his call history over and over again. Also, you can’t stop yourself from reading all the text messages and emails behind his back.
3. You consistently text or call him during the day just to find out his whereabouts.

If you’ve said yes to even one of these questions, it is safe to say that you’ve some problems about jealousy. When you begin messing around with your man’s personal business, at that moment you’ve lost control of your pride, respect, and dignity. Trust is vital and important quality to have in a healthy and long-term relationship, and by being overly jealous, you’ve lost it. Even if your man gives you a reason to be suspicious, how you behave in a romantic relationship is entirely your responsibility.

When you’re dating someone, you’ll find yourself being jealous one way or other. If you see that jealousy is sucking the energy and happiness from your relationship, you should do everything possible in your means to get rid of it. You need to attack jealousy at its root. Jealousy is all about how you feel about yourself, and less about what your partner feels for you.

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