Is The Jealousy In Your Relationship Justified?

You can’t be in a romantic relationship unless you’ve experience jealousy at some point during the relationship. Nothing feels worse when jealousy takes hold of you, and you start questioning everything your boyfriend or girlfriend does.

Jealousy signals that something has gone awry in the relationship. Jealousy makes you lose focus on the significant issues in the relationship. It can increase suspiciousness and creates a negative atmosphere throughout the relationship. If you see that you’re always feeling jealous, ask yourself if the jealousy you’re feeling is justified or whether there is any reality to this jealousy. Ask yourself is your significant other interested in someone else?

Here are the three top reasons why most people get jealous.

They Feel Insecure
Feeling insecure is the most common cause of jealousy. When you start to have doubts about your attractiveness and self-worth, it’s easy for you to feel worried that your partner will find someone better than you and this might make him or her to leave you. Often jealousy is a more about timing than lack of affection. You want to spend more time with your man, but he’s just too busy with work. So, you get jealous of your friends who are spending more time with their lovers than you. What’s interesting is that often men and women, who feel vulnerable in their romantic relationships, don’t feel insecure in other areas of their lives. This is why we can see very confident people intensely insecure in their relationships, too.

They Have Trust Issues
People feel jealous when they have a hard time trusting people. If your overall perception of people is that they aren’t trustworthy, you’ll be more likely to find yourself jealous most of the time.

They Have Anxiety Problems
People feel jealous when they’re anxious about something. Individuals who are anxious have a kind of attachment fear with people they’ve become attached to. They always fear that partners will not love them enough, and they think that partners will not be capable of meeting their wants and needs reliably.

Do You Often Get Jealous In Relationships?
If yes, then it’s safe to conclude that the source of the jealousy is entirely you, and we can also highlight that it’s because there has been a drop in your self-esteem. If you’re someone, who often don’t feel jealous, find out what signs, things or actions has provoked jealousy in you.

Did you notice any changes in your partner’s behavior? Is your partner dressing differently than usual? Are they spending more time on their appearance? Are they suddenly getting calls in the evening and answering and ending them without you noticing? If you see signs that your partner is unfaithful, don’t make guesses, and find a way to confirm that this is happening.

Set some time aside, and have a conversation regarding your concerns with your partner. Don’t be confrontational or accuse him or her without any substantial evidence that your spouse is pulling away or cheating on you.

If you discover signs of infidelity, keep yourself calm, and don’t fight or argue. Instead, consider talking to a therapist and try to figure out the next steps together. You’ll need to be rid of your jealousy because if it stays within you, it will tear you up inside. The sooner you rid of this corrosive jealousy, the better it will be for your relationship. Keep in mind, frequent jealousy, if left unchecked, can ruin a romantic relationship.

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