If You Need Motivation In Building Your Muscles Check Joe Rogan Workout

UFC host Joe Rogan finds lifting weights to be fun and cardio cool as well, but nothing compares to his pleasure of hitting the box bag. At 190 pounds, Rogan looks agile and fit like a martial arts athlete. Joe is a four-time taekwondo champion for Massachusetts in his early 20s, training also in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai for more than a decade. So his physical shape was created through long-term sports and his mentality was built as one of a warrior. For him, martial arts represent apart from moving a form of meditation.

Joe still follows with intense discipline his workout routine and always keeps an eye on his weight. On top of that, he is using Joe Rogan Supplements that help him stay more energetic and keep his fat percentage extremely low.

“I've been doing sports since a very early age. Therefore, I have developed a mentality of always keeping an eye on my physical appearance and muscles. Now, I do not see myself without a day of sports. Apart from working out, I always do yoga and try to relax my muscles after lifting weights.”

Joe Rogan Workout



  • 3 Prong Pushup
  • Earthquake Pushup
  • Helicopter Exercise (30 seconds each side)
  • Cow Jumping over the Moon Exercise
  • Barbwire Pushup
  • 1 minute break than do it again 4 more times


  • Hindu Squat
  • Bear Squat
  • Crazy Lunge
  • Falling Tower Exercise
  • Squat Thrusts Exercise
  • 1 minute break than do it again 4 more times


  • Wall Walks Exercise
  • Gracie Drill Exercise
  • Pyramid Exercise
  • Grass Hoppers Exercise
  • Dolphin Pushup
  • 1 minute break than do it again 4 more times

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