Get A Navy Seal Body With John Krasinski Diet Plan

When he was proposed to play the role in Navy Seal, John Krasinski was also informed that he has to get ripped in just a couple of months. He had to put on 25 pounds of pure, lean muscles and get rid of any inch of fat from his body. So, due to the fact that John didn't have too much nutritional knowledge, he thought that by eating a lot he will turn it into muscles and everything will be all right. But it wasn't that easy! So he started to collaborate with a professional dietician who changed the rules of the plan.

His trainer made him realize what types of food he could eat and how they can be transformed in the muscles he needed. Timing was important and it was also important to include lots of carbs and proteins right after the workout. If he wouldn't do that, all the results he would gain in the gym would not be sustained on medium and long term. On top of that, what helped him to build the muscles he showed in the movie was John Krasinski Supplements.

“Getting stronger every day is amazing. Being able to put on 20 pounds of pure muscles and see how the results are better and better every day is absolutely thrilling. Now I feel not only that I am stronger, but I am also wiser. Before this, I didn't know anything about nutrition and what is best to eat when you want to put on muscles. But now…now I am very proud of what I was able to achieve and I feel that I am able to take care of my physique and health.”

John Krasinski Diet Plan



Breakfast pudding:

2 frozen bananas, blended until creamy
1/4 cup of almond milk
3 scoops casein protein powder
2 squares high cacao chocolate

Side dish:

4 pieces whole grain bread
2 Tbsp peanut or almond butter
2 Tbsp jam
3,000 IU vitamin D
1 tsp creatine in coffee or green tea

Post-Workout Meal:

1.5lb any type of lean meat
3 cups of favorite veggies
2 large sweet or white potatoes
Anytime Meal:

1lb any type of lean meat
3 cups of favorite veggies
2 servings of your favorite fruit
1 Tbsp fish oil

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