Just A Rebound: 4 Major Signs You’re In A Rebound Relationship

rebound relationship

Relationships are complicated, especially in the beginning. When you first get involved with someone, you never really know what their intentions are. One of the biggest risks to take is getting involved with someone who recently got out of a serious relationship. When you get with someone who just went through a breakup, you run the risk of being their rebound relationship. This means that they're just using you to either get over their ex or to make their ex jealous. So how can you tell if your new relationship is actually a rebound? Check out these four major signs you're in a rebound relationship:

1. They Keep Talking About Their Ex

This is the biggest sign you're in a rebound relationship. If they keep talking about their ex, it's because they're still into their ex. This is very simple. If they were really into the relationship with you, their ex wouldn't be a constant topic of conversation.

2. They Refuse to Label the Relationship

If you feel like you're in an official relationship, but they refuse to call you their boyfriend/girlfriend, it could be because they just see you as a rebound. They don't want to put an official label on the relationship, because they're still hoping things will work out with their ex.

3. They Don't Introduce You to Friends or Family

If they're not introducing you to their friends or family, it may be because you're a rebound. In their mind, they still think of their ex as their partner. Introducing you to friends and family would make things too official, and they're not ready to do that since they still have feelings for their ex.

4. They Aren't Interested In Your Life

If they show absolutely no interest in your life, it could be that you're just a rebound to them. They show no effort in getting to know you, because they have no intentions of being serious with you. Their focus is on their ex and they're just not interested in getting to know more about you.

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