Just Because A Woman Is Polyamorous Doesn’t Mean That You Can’t Date Her!

Most people misunderstood polyamorous relationships. They think that people who are in polyamorous relationships are swingers or are just collecting husbands or wives. But, that’s not entirely accurate. Most people just don’t understand polyamorous relationships. For folks who aren't familiar with polyamory is that it is having an intimate and committed relationship with more than one partner.  In most circumstances, men and women, who are in polyamorous relationships, have partners who are also in committed relationships with others.

Most folks call couples in polyamorous relationships “swingers” or “clingy casual daters” or “polygamists.” But, the truth is they are mostly wrong, and all above are real relationships, and people decided to be in these kinds of relationships.

So, why do some people decide to be polyamorous? Well, we will try to answer this by focusing on a woman’s perspective. Women, who choose to be polyamorous usually, had a normal relationship and marriage. But, these women were unhappy in their marriages. In other words, they were in a bad marriage. After getting divorced, many jumped into a new relationship way too fast. This is a huge mistake they made. As a result, they became highly dependent on their new boyfriend, and they never allowed themselves to regain their personality which they lost in their past marriages.

When their new relationship failed, and after taking some time from dating and completely focused on themselves. After healing from their painful and shameful events of their past relationships, they came to realize that it’s not possible for them to be in monogamous relationships. They realized that they found it challenging to have deep connections with only one person. Nurturing deep emotional and intimate connections with more than one partner makes them comfortable, and it doesn't bother them. Women, who are in polyamorous relationships, enjoy being important to someone and at the same time feel less stressed as their spouses are their “everything.”  Polyamorous women love that they have someone they love and care about, but they don’t want to be at the beck and call of their partners for fulfilling their every relationship wants and needs. Their lives feel more fulfilled when they can share thoughts and feelings with several other people. People might say that it’s cheating, but what they tend to forget is that polyamorous men and women are actually okay with seeing their partners seeing other people and they encourage it too.

So, why is that people find polyamorous relationships shocking? Is it because polyamory isn't understood well enough? Is it that people find sharing your life with someone who is also in a committed relationship with someone else besides you uncomfortable?

We don’t see people complaining about one-night stands, arranged marriages, infidelities, or same-sex relationships. What is inherently wrong with a woman who has decided to have committed relationships with multiple partners? Let’s also make one thing clear that sometimes polyamorous relationships aren’t always sexual. But, in our society, we accept people who are having one-night stands or cheating on their partners, but things get weird if we want to commit ourselves to more than one partner. We can conclude by saying that people find polyamorous relationships uncomfortable because they aren’t familiar with the lifestyle.

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