Are You Killing Your Relationship Slowly? You Are If You Do These 4 Things

If you are in a relationship, you probably know how to keep it happy and healthy. But, sometimes our bad habits, (yes we all have them), can slowly poison our relationship, and will eventually kill it. Relationships don’t end because of one argument or over one bad thing. It is the combination of many wrongs, yet little things that make it unbearable. And when that situation arrives most couples have no other option than to end the relationship.

You see little issues don’t seem as important as bigger problems when it comes to relationships or marriages. But, these “insignificant” issues pile up into something so toxic that feels almost impossible to change. In many ways, bad habits weaken the foundations of a relationship. Bad habits make us feel less invested, insecure, stressful and doubt ourselves. So, if you want to have a happy, long-lasting relationship, it is crucial to keep your bad habits under control and always ensure that you don’t make them a regular thing.

1. Talking on your phone all the time
Sure, sometimes you have to take some calls and reply to texts, but being glued to your phone all the while spending time with your girlfriend or having a conversation with her, send a wrong signal to her. It makes her think that she’s not your priority. It makes your significant other feeling neglected and less valued. So, keep all of your distractions aside when you are spending some intimate moments together. And if someone calls you or sends you a text or an email, tell them that you are spending some time with your partner, and you will call or text them later.

2. Making public jokes at the expense of your spouse
You know about your partner’s vulnerabilities, and the both of you sometimes tell each other jokes about it in private. But doing it in public such as in front of your or her friends, that is an entirely different story, even if it looks like a joke. So, what your girlfriend might find funny if you tell her in private will offend or hurt her when you say it in front of your or her friends.

3. Having argument/fights over text
Interpreting text messages can be done in many ways. If you fight over text messages, you are just asking for more issues. Arguing or having a big fight over text is a setup for a mess that can really frustrate or disappoint your partner. If you have a problem and you really want to discuss it with your spouse, don’t start talking about your issues via text. Instead, ask her to save some time for a one-on-one discussion later.

4. You don’t show acts of love on a regular basis
If you are in a relationship, those small, yet sweet acts of love mean a lot to your significant other. By small love acts we mean like bring her flowers or chocolates now and then. It shows them your partner is important to you, she matters to you, and you still love her just the way when you first met her and started dating. These acts of love don’t always have to be small. They can be big ones such as a surprise dinner, or a vacation. There isn’t any guideline for how often you should do this, but you should show acts of love consistently.

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