Kiss A Lady Without Any Fear Or Worrying About Rejection

It can be little bit intimidating for you if you have never kissed a lady. Kissing her is an amazing experience and a step towards taking your relationship to a new level. There are many guys who have dated lots of women still they are unable to kiss because of the fear of rejection. It is the biggest worry that most of the men have before going on a date or even after dating a girl. Guys expect a return kiss from a lady even if not a return kiss then atleast there should be no rejection. Hence, they wish a lady should approach them for kiss. But the ladies are not the initiator by the nature. So, it is up to the men to learn how to make a lady kiss you. It is not impossible to make a lady to kiss you but it is not so easy also. You have to be a good learner to make a lady to kiss you.

Learn the art of kissing

Kissing is an art and thus you should learn it, especially when you have never kissed a lady. By knowing all the essentials for the perfect kiss, you will gain confidence to kiss your lady without experiencing the fear of rejection. There are lots of ways to learn the art of kissing like you can take help from your friends or elder brother who is married or have already kissed a lady or you can check out for the internet for getting help for becoming a good kisser. Your knowledge will enhance your skill and help you to be the best at kissing and pleasing a lady. After you have learned about kissing a lady and how to make a lady kiss you, you can plan your date and meet with her at the right place.

Read out the body language to know if she wants to kiss you

Women are confusing by nature that makes it a little bit difficult for the guys to understand her nature. Most of the time guys are unable to think whether she is interested in him or not. Many of the girls are shy and would hesitate to express desire for kissing a guy on the first date. But perhaps they are unable to avoid expressing their emotions through body language. It makes it very easy for the guys to know that if she is ready to kiss you. So, if you are interacting with a girl who is shy or hesitated, you can keep focus on their body language for knowing whether she is interested in kissing you or not.

She won’t mind to stare at you

When a person is interested in something, he/she doesn’t mind watching it continuously. Their eyes also get wide open when they start to enjoy what they are seeing.  If her eye contact with you gets stronger during the conversation it means that she likes everything that you are talking and probably interested in you. It is the signal that she is waiting for you to approach her to hold and kiss her passionately right there.

She enjoys your touch

If you want to know how to make a lady kiss you, then you should touch her sensually. You sensual touch will arouse her and she will not be able to reject you for kissing. But if you do not know if she will enjoy your touch or not, then you should touch her frequently. If she enjoys your touch and does not object then it means she is expecting you to touch her and move ahead towards getting close to her.  You can then understand that she is ready to kiss you.

She will take interest in you

When a girl is not happy with a person she is interacting, she will be ready to make thousands of excuses to run from that place. She will show her lack of interest in conversation with you. This is exactly opposite to when she finds you interesting. When she is interested in a guy, she will be open for all sorts of conversation with him. She will ask more questions about the likes and dislikes of a guy, make a good eye contact with him, do not show her urgency to go and want to talk with him more. If she is ready to kiss you, she will show it by licking or rubbing her lips, give you signal by talking on sex topic and touching you frequently during the conversation.

Do not waste your time to kiss

When you notice any of the above mentioned signals by a lady, it shows that she is pretty much interested in you and also wants to kiss you and have sex with you. So, you should not waste the time then and start kissing the lady without any fear. Wasting your time at that moment is not wise and it will slip off the opportunity from your hands. You should not think that she will get angry if you kiss her because if she has to get angry, she would not have shown such signals. Those signals mean that she wants you to kiss her.

In case, you receive the wrong signal and she stops you from kissing, you can end up hugging her and speak up your true feelings for her. You can say that she is so attractive that you can’t resist kissing her or you should take your rejection confidently and respect her feelings. It is sure that next time, she will take a lead to kiss you.

Stay kissable

One of the most important tips on how to make a lady kiss you is to make yourself kissable. For this, you need to pay attention towards your grooming and looks.  Humans are attracted to the beautiful and pleasing things. Therefore, ladies are attracted towards a man who looks handsome, smart and stylish.  You should wear clean and ironed clothes, wear a nice masculine fragrance, brush your teeth before meeting a lady and use mouth freshener to improve your breath.

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