Kissing Tips That Will Solve Your Purpose If You Do Not Know How To Get A Girl Wet

One of the best ways to express your love for your partner is kissing her and this is why you must try to make sure that you are kissing her enough to feel your love. With the changing times, you are not that worried about how to get a girlfriend but rather the focus is on how to keep her happy and connected to you. The number of breakups in the recent years has increased very sharply and the major reason behind this is the lack of physical contact that you both get to have with each other. You must find ways to connect better with your partner when it comes to the physical relationships. You shall always be in lookout for the ideas to get physically intimate with your partner and induce a similar feeling in your partner as well.

Kissing is the best way to make physical contact but you shall not limit it to just the lip kissing or French kissing but you shall evolve much more than that. There are many experts that will guide you with best kissing practices that you can follow. If you want to know how to get a girl wet, probably the easiest way to get this done is kissing her on the sensual organs. There are various parts in her body that the girls want you to kiss and lick and when you do it properly, they need not to look elsewhere and hence your relationship is intact.  Here are some of the places in your girlfriend’s body that you shall look to kiss to make her feel horny and wet:


This is one of the key areas that you need to target while kissing your girl. The neck is one of the most sensuous organs in a girl’s body and when you get to kiss her on the back of the neck, she gets discharged very soon. This is a very common trick which is being used by the guys to make subtle physical contact with the girls and has also paid rich dividends.

When you continuously get to kiss on the neck and surrounding area of the girl, you will get to notice the Signs a Girl is Interested to have a closer relationship with you. This is one of the best ways to induce a girl in having a sexual intercourse with you. Especially, when you are looking to have a long time relationship with your partner, then this is an ideal way of keeping her fresh and excited on a daily basis.

On her lower back:

This is one of the ideal places that you need to focus while kissing your partner as it is the most seductive organ in her body. You all know that women feel very good when you place your hands on her back and this is only because it controls all the nerves in your body. If you are looking to know how to get a girl wet, then there are not many options which are better than kissing her on the lower back portion.

It is basically one of the simplest ways to induce a sexy feeling in any girl without doing anything which is out of the blue. You can also make it a regular practice to make your girl wet even more.


This is another area which you need to focus heavily on as it makes the girls feel that you love and respect them. Kissing on forehead is treated as a sign of respect which is why you shall kiss a girl on her forehead even more frequently than kissing her on her lips.

Also, when you are looking to propose a girl for relationship or ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you can give a kiss on her forehead after the proposal to increase the chances of her committing with you. You can also look to kiss on her forehead in the public classes to mark your sign for respect for her. Girls like it so very much when you kiss them on the forehead in public.


Kissing on ears can also induce a feeling of romance and sensuality in the girls and is quite often the best practice that you can adopt to make a girl get even more close to you both physically and emotionally. It is the best answer of how to get a girl wet as in nine out of ten cases, the girl completely surrenders her when you kiss and bite her ears in a soft yet wild manner.

One of the other things that you can do while sucking the ear of your partner is saying some erotic things in her ears which makes her even more fantasized. You can also complement about her beauty in the ears while enjoying the taste of her ears to make her equally involved in the physical intercourse. This is one of the most common suggestions which are given by the experts to the males to follow in the bed with their partner.


This is one of the best areas that you can get to concentrate your focus on when you do not actually have any other information on how to get a girl wet. The best part with this is that both you and your partner equally enjoy the kissing and licking of the boobs and your partner will always encourage you for the sex when you get to suck her nipples up.

You can also focus on the rest of the breast area apart from the nipples to make her feel even more sensual and committed to you.

Apart from these areas, you can also target several other areas on the body as well to awake the nerves and every girl likes to get kissed on her body parts. Whether you are involved in any type of relationship be it interracial dating or inter religion dating, each and every girl wants to be loved and kissed on different body parts.

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