Do You Know There Are 5 Types Of Love? And They Are All Different

When it comes to dating and relationships, most people believe in the notion of soulmates. They think that their soulmates are waiting for them somewhere, and it’s only a matter of time, they will meet each other and make their lives complete. We won’t delve into telling how far-reaching these kinds of thoughts are, which some people will dismiss as a fantasy. But, one thing is for sure that most men and women envision spending the rest of their lives with someone who is perfect for them and they will keep looking for Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect. When we fail in our efforts to find the perfect partner, we become sad and frustrated, compelling some folks to reject the fairy tale notion of the one true love.

But, when you are looking for love, you will meet many people and interact with them in various ways. You will find that their energy levels are unique than yours as well as their experiences. Later on, you will begin to connect with a range of people in loving relationships and notice that love doesn’t come in one size that fits all. This makes you ask yourself, “How do I want to love? How do I want to be loved?”

Below are five types of love and all of them are different. Pick the one the fits you the best that will make you happy and satisfied in your relationship.

1. Physical love
If you are dating someone, ask yourself how much are you attracted to each other physically? Do you and your girlfriend prefer the same amount of cuddling, holding, and kissing? Also, ask yourself what is your true goal in your relationship. Are you looking for an open or a committed relationship? If you are looking for an open relationship, does your partner give her consent for you to date other people? Also, ask yourself whether your budding friendship with your partner is turning into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

2. Sexual love
Ask yourselves whether your sexual preferences and sex drives are compatible with each other. Are you and your partner open to other forms of sexual acts such as one-night stand, or sensual acts such as tantric sex? Ask yourself whether the two of you solely want to be in monogamous sexual relationships or want to have sexual relationships with people?

3. Emotional love
When you are in a relationship, it is important for couples to listen to each other and openly share their thoughts and feelings with each other. Ask yourself whether the woman you love so deeply understands you or not? We aren’t talking about the connection of the minds here. We are talking about a heart-to-heart connection with your significant other.

4. Intellectual love
Ask yourself how important is intellectual stimulation for the both of you? Most of us turned on if we share the same interests and activities with our partners and enjoy them without any added expectations.

5. Spiritual love
If you are in love with your girlfriend, ask yourself whether you and your partner have similar views about the meaning of life? Do you both have different values and vision? If there are some similarities how much of it is aligned with each other. Do you both share a “soul” connection with each other?

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