Did You Know Your Arguing Style Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship?

There is no relationship without any fighting or arguments. It’s a part of a romantic relationship. But, did it ever occur to you that the way you fight with your partner can reveal a lot about your relationship? Typically most couples develop a fighting style that remains consistent throughout the relationship, which also reveals who they are as individuals.

Here are five common arguing styles between couples:

1. Both of You Are Passive Aggressive
If there is an issue in the relationship and neither of you wants to resolve it, it indicates that you aren’t complacent in expressing your concerns to each other or one of you is fearful of what will happen if you do. None of the above scenarios are healthy. This should invoke you ask yourself why you aren't you capable of communicating effectively with each other. If you and your partner withhold important issues from one another, it shows that your relationship isn't open and honest.

2. Your Fights Are Volatile And Explosive In Nature
You apparently have a great, incredible sex life, and your relationship is full of excitement and passion. But, at times, that passion can transform into a rage, which makes your arguments emotionally exhausting. There is incredible love between you two, but your relationship unpredictable given the fact that you have no idea how one of you react if something unexpected happens. These types of fights often categorize mostly abusive relationships. They aren’t extreme, but they’re toxic, nonetheless.

3. One Of The Partners Doesn't Want To Hear It
You have a problem in your relationship if one partner wants to discuss an issue right away while the other refuses to hear it. These of couples usually chase each other to resolve problems and other persistent issues in their relationships. Things in this relationship can sometimes be one-sided as it’s easily noticeable that one partner makes all the decisions while the other person rarely or doesn't care enough to contribute.

4. You Hardly Ever Fight
There are also problems with happy couples too. When a couple agrees on everything, it’s not because they’re true soul mates. Couples who are in this kind of situation are most probably isn't fully expressing their needs or concerns even if they’re trivial in nature. It might be that things are going so good in the relationship that you don't feel to disrupt the harmony, even in the tiniest. However, it’s likely that this can have an adverse impact on the relationship in the future.

5. Your Fights Are Civil And Resolve Problems
You’re in a healthy, committed relationship and aren’t afraid to confront issues in the relationship when they arise. You and your partner are receptive to each other's opinions and feedback and are respectful to each other’s views even if you don’t agree to all of it. You have a harmonious, understanding relationship because you both bring the best of each other and only want what’s best. All of this point that you both are in a stable relationship. So, continue with this practice and always make sure that your thoughts are heard.

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