How To Know If You Are In An Exclusive Relationship?

Most people assume that you’re in an exclusive relationship if you and your partner sit down and have a deep discussion about the future of the relationship. But, is that all? What about visual cues? How can you tell if the relationship with your partner is exclusive without talking about it? Read on to find out:

1. Attending Social Events And Activities Together

This one is no brainer, and most people will also conform to it. It’s understandable why folks see it that way as while dating online, most men and women spend most of the time talking to each other, rather than meeting their matches in person. On the other hand, if you meet your online date in person and attending various social events and activities together people think that the relationship is already serious, despite that fact you didn’t even start dating! Remember, your relationship isn’t serious until you’re consistently meeting each other face-to-face.

2. Hanging Out With His or Her Friends

If you’re going to social events and other parties and socializing your partner’s friends, apparently it means that your partner is confident and happy to be seen with you. It is another way to tell people that you both aren’t available for dating anyone else.

3. Socializing With His Or Her Family
Even if you aren’t the meet and have fun with the family kind of person, you take your partner’s family to be an important part of your dating process. If you are meeting and occasionally hang out with the family and relatives of your spouse, it only proves that this relationship is serious. Tip: Your partner’s siblings might turn out to be your best friends!

4. Dressing Up And Going Out

Are you more interested in dressing up and going to clubs, restaurants and other places require reservations and menus, or are you still meeting your date in coffee shops or bars? Do you seem to have a dinner with your date or just stay home order something nice or cook something yourself? The places you visit and spend time together gives a lot of hints on what kind of relationship you are in and how serious it is.

5. Buying Presents

This one isn’t that important, but it resonates more with men than women. If you’re buying exclusive and expensive gifts for your significant other, consider that your relationship has turned serious.

6. Sex

Sexual intimacy by itself would point out the exclusivity of a relationship. If you’re in a committed, serious relationship, sex is highly valued. Guys are increasingly more likely than women to think of sex a critical component in an exclusive and serious relationship. More researchers had reported that men only thought sex was a crucial part of a serious relationship when their partners were interested in being physically intimate with them.

Remember, all of these components need to work together and should be in harmony with each other. Just because one of the events happened to you, doesn’t mean that your relationship has turned exclusive. Though it’s always great that your feelings regarding the relationship be mutual, these signs will make improve your self-esteem and confidence by knowing that your relationship is heading in the right direction.

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