How To Know Your Guy Friend Has Started Crushing On You?

Friendships are precious because you don’t find those kinds of people normally in life. It takes a great deal of time to finally find someone with whom you can connect at that same wavelength, and this makes them an integral part of your life. Friendships aren’t restricted to just the same gender, in fact, it is the personality that makes the decisive factor. A lot of girls have guy best friends whom they have been sharing their life for quite a while. They are great friends because things never got awkward between them, but what if one day you find out that your only best friend now likes you. If any such thing develops then it is extremely important that you know it. This article is going tell you few of those signs that guarantee if your guy friend is crushing on you.

#1 You catch him staring at you a lot

Normal friends don’t stare at you without any reason. Sure, they will stare at you when you get a new haircut, or there is some change in your appearance or just in anger. But, no guy friend will stare at you without any reason. If you catch him staring at you multiple times throughout the day, then there is definitely something fishy.

#2 He gets embarrassed easily

Good friends never get embarrassed in front of each other. They could be peeing their pants, but they still wouldn’t get embarrassed. If after some time you notice your friend getting awkward on small things or avoiding some sensitive topics, then that definitely means he feels for you.

#3 He is not acting like his usual self

You know the kind of personality your friend has, and now you have gotten used to it. When he develops some feelings for you, he will start acting all formal and organized. He will be careful in not doing certain things, and he will be a little too possessive about you. He will call you more often, and his tone now will be slightly changed. If he takes on this different personality, then you should get the hint.

#4 The number of hangouts has doubled

While previously you used to hang out only when the two of you had time, now you will notice that every day he will try to initiate a hangout and you will find yourself spending most of your days with him. He is trying to spend more time with you, and he is definitely crushing on you.

#5 He does any favor for you

Friends are always there for you but sometimes, owing to something more important they will refuse as well. He, however, will always be present for you and will be more than willing to do anything that you say. He will do it even if he has to go out of his comfort zone for that.

#6 He gets annoyed when you talk about other guys

This is probably the most direct hint that he will not at all show positive attitude when you talk about other guys or worse talk about any of your new crush. You will see the instant change in his behavior, and that is the greatest hint.

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