How to Know If He’s Your Perfect Match

When you have moved from casual dating stage to dating for marriage, you start to look to every relationship from a different perspective and keep asking yourself—is he the one for me? It's a not an easy question to answer and depends whether if he doesn't have any of your deal-breakers. Most people tend to set aside the red flags of their potential partners if they have passion and chemistry. Passion and chemistry are important, but they aren't everything.

Here are five signs to look out for if you think your man is the one you have been looking for:

He's Your Best Friend

One of the best indications of a long-lasting relationship is to be best friends with the person you've been dating. His passion may have attracted you when you first met, but it won't help get through troubled waters, and it's unsustainable. You need an emotional connection with that person if you want your relationship to advance. You should be able to tell him your deepest secrets, call him for support anytime and trust him deeply. If your man wants to be that, you got yourself a keeper.

Have an Easy Going Relationship

You ought to believe that fighting is what's makes a relationship stronger. In some cases, it might, but if you both are always fighting, then we can't see a long-lasting relationship here. A relationship that's worth fighting is the one that helps you overcome problems together. Making your relationship an easy going one, will help you both communicate effectively and work together.

It's Important to Have Shared Values and Life Goals

If you and your partner have similar life and career aspirations, lifestyle, views and opinions, then it's a great sign that your relationship will have a smooth ride in the days to come. Even better, if you have talked with your partner about achieving both of your life goals together and how it will make your relationship stronger.

You're At Your Best When He's With You

It's the relationships we have that makes us stronger and confident or bring us down. If you feel more confident and happy when you are with him, it's safe to say that that's good for your relationship. We want to married to someone who will uplift us and brings out the best of us. If he admires and supports you, appreciates and respects you, then we can say he's helping you to be your best self. He might also challenge you or will be pulling you out from you comfort zone, realize your full potential. If your partner feels insecure, neglected and rejected, then he surely isn't the one for you.

It's The Little Things That Matter The Most

When you are at the initial stages of dating, romantic gesture is easy to point out like flowers, chocolates, surprise gifts and dinner dates. But as your relationship matures, it's the little things that are routine and mostly gets unnoticed, that matter the most. If your partner wants to be married to you, he will find ways to show his love to you. It's up to you to spot the little things that your partner does to care for you. He will say thank you even for the most annoying things you do, make you coffee in the morning, and always gives you hug when he arrive home from work. These small moments that builds respect, trust, and intimacy in a relationship, without which the relationship will lose its dazzle.

If you want to know whether he's the one for you, then your head and heart should be in the same chapter. Before you commit to someone to embark on a long-lasting relationship, it's worth having a conversation with someone you trust like an old friend or family to guide you through the relationship.

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