Do You Know Jealousy Is Killing Your Relationship?

Are you too jealous to let love flourish in your relationship? Are you allowing jealousy to cause serious problems in your relationship? Some people think jealousy is cute in a romantic relationship. But, it isn’t. Jealousy is big relationship issue that can quickly ruin your relationship. Jealousy breeds within you and has nothing to do with your partner. So, what are jealous people like? Jealous people are accusatory, suspicious, shaming, smothering, manipulative, and Fearful. Yes, that’s right – jealous people are FEARFUL!

Jealous people are afraid and vulnerable of being betrayed, lost, abandoned, making a mistake, and being wrong. And that other person has nothing to do with it at all! Unlike flirting or cheating, jealousy isn’t about something that actually happened, but more a fear that something could take place. It exudes within you, suspiciously looking at your boyfriend or girlfriend over your shoulder at all times. It’s your inner fears that are tying you up in knots and spewing them out at your spouse. This time too, it has nothing to do with your partner. In other words, jealousy is a poorly disguised need for power and control.

So, are you noticing any jealousy in your relationship? Here are some relationship questions to help you come to terms with jealousy:

Do you feel a strong need to know where your boyfriend or girlfriend is at every minute? Do you feel suspicious when your partner is out of your sight? Do you always think your partner tries to seduce every new person he or she meets? If yes, we can safely say you've got a problem. Why? Cause, jealousy will distance your partner away from you. Even after your partner has never been astray in word, thoughts or actions, your suspicious behavior will compel them to stay away. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is being accused of being unfaithful all the time, he or she might be forced to do the deed just to prove it. After all, they’ll think it won't make any difference if they did or didn't. You’ll still be jealous anyway.

It’s been found that jealousy of people has its origins in their childhoods. They felt jealous when the other siblings got more attention from their parents. Maybe they didn't get the attention as they wanted before, and now they think that no one could love him or her enough to be faithful.

Jealous people aren’t only hurting other people; they’re also hurting themselves. If you’re jealous, get some help soon. None other than yourself can help you with this, not even your friends or relatives. You should pinpoint the causes and eliminate them once and for all. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible. You need to address the reasons for why you feel jealous and you must, it will ruin your relationship. You need to change your ways to keep jealousy away from ruining your relationship. Don't let jealousy destroy your relationship and your life.

When you’re in a relationship and feel jealous, find out where that jealousy came from, where its hiding and why it exposes its ugly head out ruin your relationship. As if you don’t, it will ruin you, too.

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