Know The Reasons Why Do Women Have A Friendzone?

Friendship is one of the most loving relationships that you can have in your life. Your life will be nothing less than a heaven if you have the quality friends. By remaining in the friendship, you will feel comfortable, secured and de stressed because you know that your friends are there to always help you out from all sorts of troubles. It is often seen that people consider friendship as the first step to meet their soul mate. They believe that friendship is the start of a relationship and it is responsible for taking the relationship to new heights. But this is not the same for everyone, as everyone has their own definition for friends.

How to tell if you are being friendzone by her?

Nowadays, it is often seen that people friendzone the person of opposite sex. Friendzone is basically a relationship between the couples of opposite sex in which one partner is partly in love with the other while the other sees this relationship as a close friendship. In context of having friendzone, women have higher counts than the men. But have you wondered why do women have a friendzone? There are many guys who actually do not understand whether she is in love with them or they are in her friend zone. Thus, before knowing why she friend zoned a guy, you should check out the signs that will let you know that you are being friend zoned by her.

If she friendzone you, everything will go well between you and her. She will like to hangout with you, she will laugh, share emotions, accompany you, like your company and sometimes she would not mind to flirt with you. But when you start talking about getting into relationship with her, she will stop you at that point. She will throw endless obstacles to make you realize that she is not a good match for you and you both just share a healthy friendship with each other, nothing more.

 Reasons why you are friendzoned by her

Here are some strong points that will let you know why do women have a friendzone?

  • She is attracted to someone else: This is one of the most common reasons for which she is unable to get into a relationship with you and keep you in her friendzone. It is absolutely true that girl will find you least entertaining if she is inclined to someone else and she just sees a good friend in you. There are also possibilities that she wants that person to get jealous of your and her relationship to ignite the warmth of love between her and the person to whom she is attracted.
  • She wants to know you better: There are lots of women, who want to get into the serious relationship rather than being the play stuff for the guys. They are very conscious about their security and future life. Thus, before getting into the romantic relationship with you she wants to know you better. This is one of the reasons why women have a friendzone with you. By being friendzoned with you, she gets the chance to spend more time with you and look the real side of yours. This helps her in deciding whether you are a suitable match for her or not.
  • She is afraid of being in relationship: There are chances that you may not know the reality of the girl, with whom you hangout, go for the late night parties or share most of the time together. Some of the girls are really not comfortable with dating. Scary past and traumatic experiences of the past can be responsible to prevent a girl to be in relationship with you. Past breakup or assaults can be the reason for which she friendzone with you and just want to have a friendship based relationship with you.
  • You are not her types: This is one of the most common reasons which are stated by the women for having a friendzone. It is not always true that if you are a good friend then you are a good partner also. There are many girls, who do not want to see their best male friend as her partner. Every girl has her own choice for her life partner and the qualities which she has been looking in her partner. So, if she finds no such qualities in you, then you are actually not her type thus she will want to be in her friendzone.
  • He makes everything easier for her: Another reason is here for the question why do women have a friendzone? Most of the guys easily fall in love with the hot and beautiful girls and in order to impress them, they use to do several things for her like give her gifts, do her work, pick her from home, take her for shopping, get ice cream for her on demand and many more things. As, the guys make the things simple and easier for her, she does not want to leave him and make the things tough for her. She just feels comfortable with him in travelling and spending the spare time as a friend and does not think of him as a boyfriend.
  • Unable to understand her own feelings: Some of the girls actually are not emotionally stable and they often do not recognize their feelings for the guys whom they consider as a friend only. This is the possible reason when a girl actually does not know that she is in love with him.  In such cases, the girl will keep you in her friendzone and keep on avoiding the fact that she is in love with you, but on the other hand she will find it difficult to walk away from you.

By knowing these reasons, you can understand that why do women have a friendzone? If you feel strongly for her then you should not miss the chance to convince her to become your girlfriend.  There are possibilities that she can turn on you, but for this you need to first make her believe that you are in love with her and somewhere she also loves you.

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