How To Know Whether You Have A Chance To Date Her?

When a guy goes out or meets a great woman, two things often comes to people’s mind. One, how does he know whether this woman will date him, and two, if he knows that she will, what should he do next?

There’s a lot of uncertainty here, and it all happens because of one simple fact. If a guy manages to get even the slightest hint that he has a chance to date the woman he just met, he will do everything to get her attention. And most of the things he will do are wrong. His mind begins to play all sorts of games, he misinterprets all the cues, and he gets to the conclusions prematurely. This is why it’s important for guys not to get worried and think too much if the woman they met is interested in them or not. Instead, it will be much better if they start looking for the biggest and sure signs that they have a chance with her.

When you’re having a conversation with a woman, try to find out whether if she is behaving with you in a genuinely open and friendly way, or is it something else. We know it sounds deceptive, but like most issues in dating and relationships, it’s what the guys that kill their chances of being in a relationship. Most guys think that if a woman is interested in them, they will exhibit some specific physical behaviors which can range from smiling to you when they speak to twirling their hair and tilting their heads to the side. But, that’s not entirely accurate. You see some of these behaviors can be attributed to many other causes that can be meaningful and sometimes just ridiculous. There isn't any absolute way to tell that all these behaviors signal that a woman is interested in you. A woman can use these gestures to flirt with other men, or can just use them to “play games” with you, or she only wants to be polite and courteous. So don’t give much heed to these physical behaviors to determine if there is a chance of having a committed, and long-term relationship with a woman.

Instead, pay attention to the bigger picture. Don’t pass out judgments’ and conclusions about how things are progressing after having a one-hour conversation with a woman. Here’s how you can tell if the woman has genuine and friendly feelings for you:

1. Did she initiate the conversation? Did she do all the heavy lifting to the conversation interesting and going? Did she let you take the lead in the conversation?

2. Did she interrupt you? If she did, it means that she’s bored with you, or is has no interest in continuing the conversation, or she’s simply “too self-absorbed.”

3. Did she make eye contact with you while talking to you? If she’s constantly looking at her phone or around the room? If yes, then it’s probably time for you to say goodnight to her politely.

4. Did she try to have an in-depth conversation with you? Did she ask insightful, appropriate questions? Did she make meaningful comments about things that you’ve said? If yes, then you’ve scored!

The bottom line is it easy for most women to fake physical behaviors on dates like smiling or twirling her hair, but no woman can fake these questions. If you’re dating someone and if you find that the woman you’re dating doesn’t interact in the above meaningful ways, we can assure you that you’ve no chance to be in a relationship with her.

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