Knowing How To Talk To A Man Is Everything In Relationships

Have you ever been in a position where you tried to communicate your feelings to a guy only to push him away? Some women feel so insecure and helpless in expressing and communicating their feelings to a man that they decide not to talk at all. Even if they did, they would eventually tell him something that will a big turnoff to them. So, how can you address this?

Here are some suggestions for you to ponder.

Forget The Misconception That Men Are Scared Of Feelings
I bet a lot of you’ve heard this that guys don’t like feelings, and don’t like to talk about their feelings as well. Many women had also experienced this personally in a painful way when they tried to talk about their feelings with their boyfriends. But, that’s not true. Men aren’t scared of feelings at all. What they don’t like is the “drama” that follows when we express our anger, pain, and disappointment in the wrong way. It’s a total turnoff for men, and they become defensive, and labeling you as “dramatic,” “desperate” or “needy.”

Don’t Try To Conceal What You’re Really Feeling
Whenever we’ve expressed a feeling to a man and notice him withdraw, we start doing something else. We forget our feelings and pretend it’s missing. When he asks if anything is wrong, we look somewhere else, and say, “Nothing’s wrong.” Instead, of doing good, this will create more distance between you and him. Because he apparently has figured out that there is something wrong with you and you aren’t telling him the truth. He starts to wonder whether he’s getting the whole picture with you, and as you’re hiding a lot of things from, your man might never know exactly how you are feeling! Therefore, the best way to do this is simply getting in touch with your man and tells him what’s really happening with you.

Reach His Heart By Using The Right Words
What you say a man affects him and influences him. Certain words will distant him away from you, and you’ll feel like you’re losing him too. Then some words will pull him towards you like a magnet, and you’ll feel that you’re the most valuable thing to him in the whole world. If you approach him with an accusation such “You don’t love me anymore,” you won’t believe what you intended, rather, it will make him defensive, and you’ll create more unwanted tension. But, if you focus on your feelings and tell him, “I feel very secure, if you love me more,” the situation will be entirely different. Here, you aren’t making him feel like a bad man, in fact, you’re expressing who you are and what you want. Now, follow up your feeling with a negotiation like, “What can we both do together to be happier?” This statement will have an incredible effect on him and will make him think he has the woman of his dreams. He will believe that he has found a woman who is true to herself and respected him to make the relationship even better.

Overall, if you’re looking for someone, practice these tips the next time you’re feeling disappointed with a man, and notice how things change for the better.

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