Ladies, Don’t Be Needy When Dating

Being overly needy is one of the most unattractive traits of someones personality. Men and women who are needy are found to be insecure and have lower self-esteem and confidence than their confident counterparts. A relationship can end because of excessive neediness – it can sometimes become overwhelming for your partner. Here are a few scenarios that indicate you may be too needy:

1. You are easily agreeable

Men like women who have their own hobbies, interests, and opinions. When we like someone, we want them to like us back. It makes some people feel vulnerable and easily agreeable to everything their partners tell them. For example, you hate baseball, but your man loves it. So, you go a baseball game with your partner, and you’re miserable now. When he sensed that you’re pretending to like his interests and agree to everything, his attraction towards you plummets.

2. You are always available

It’s Friday night. You made plans to have a dinner party with your friends. Suddenly, your boyfriend calls you to have dinner with him. So, you cancel the dinner party with your friends and meet him. On the way, you call and text your friends to cancel dinner because your man wanted to be with you tonight. This action shouts that you’re needy. Your guy may notice this and his admiration and respect for you could decrease.

3. You obsess about him

An important aspect of dating is a man’s ability to communicate regularly between dates. Men do what they want, and if he likes you, he will make an effort to have you. Your job is to relax and think about the good time you had together. So, don’t tell him that he hasn’t called you for two days, or it’s been five days that you've seen him. Also, don’t stalk his social media, text him all the time, or be jealous of all the girls he mentions. Relax, and let your man do the talking.

4. You’re thinking too much about the future

A big mistake most men and women make is having high expectations about their dates and relationships and thinking too much about the future. During the early stages of dating, some women become very serious about their relationships and talk about getting married, having kids, etc. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. Men are slow in thinking, regarding what they really want and may need some time to figure it out. Don’t stress him out; instead, show him your fun, light hearted side. So, enjoy your dates, relax and don’t think about the future.

The takeaway…

Men don’t like to date women who are obsessive, think little of themselves, are insecure or too needy. So, whenever you feel like you may be acting needy, ask this question to yourself: what would a smart, confident woman do in this situation? Keep your emotions out for a moment. Am I too needy or confident? I hope you consider choosing the latter.

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