Ladies, Stop Apologizing For Being Single!

Being a single woman is never easy. In our society, women who are married, engaged or moved in with their partners often feel superior to women who are still single. It isn’t because the married ladies wanted to be “big shots,” instead; it’s mainly because the single women feel inadequate about them and voluntarily gave up their hope to be equals.

Often we see that single women were in awe of those who have found their ‘soul-mates’ and asked them to help or give them tips on how they too can attract someone and be in a relationship. Let’s be honest; there is no wrong to desire to be in loving and long-term relationship, as long as you belief from within yourself. Don’t believe the assumption that being in a relationship is good while staying single and alone is wrong. It’s the single women themselves who are their worst adversaries. Single women always criticize themselves for failing to attract a guy and continuously apologize for their single status in a self-bashing way.

The point is the words that come out from our mouths have a tremendous impact on ourselves and the people who surround us. Just thinking negatively is bad enough for us and our subconscious mind. If we mean what we say, then those words can manifest into reality. It doesn’t matter, what our religious or spiritual belief are, what we tell to ourselves will have a thorough influence over our lives.

Being single is so negatively viewed in our culture that most single women have rushed to date or got married to someone who isn't right for them. They have forgotten the fact that there are miserable things than being single. These are; 1) having poor self-esteem and a negative image about oneself simply because they’re single; 2) having a relationship or getting married to the wrong man and later going through a breakup or a divorce or just settling and accepting to live an unhappy and unfulfilling life.

So, to all those single ladies out there you start whining about how miserable you’re without a boyfriend, acting all desperate and silly to grab a guy, keep in mind that these words are creating your reality. If you start thinking, how pathetic your single life is, having negative thoughts about you being single and seeing your singleness as a major problem in your life, don’t get surprised if your life has turned into one big vicious circle of defeat.

Now, you may be asking what the remedy is? Well, the good news is you can prevent this from happening. All you need to do is to think and speak words that will encourage you, build you up, words that appreciate you, make you have faith in yourself, instill positive energy into and become the person you always dreamed to be. Think about all the fascinating places you have been, your family and friends, your hopes and dreams, your aspirations, your solutions to real problems, etc.; all make you fascinating and unique.

These make you much bigger in life that only thinking about them will stop you from complaining about being single.

Don’t get upset and think negatively about yourself simply because you’re not in a relationship. Sooner or later, you’ll find someone right for you, who know how to please a girl.

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