Ladies Watch Out For This Woman Hater

Misogyny may be too strong of a word to use, but we can’t deny the fact that there are many men out there who share somewhat same feelings. Girls have to be careful about all kinds of guys, the desperate ones who want are only looking for the physical intimacy, the geeks who will never be smart enough to make a move, the clingy ones who will make your life living hell but above all these types, there is one that must be avoided at all costs. These are the guys who have an innate hate towards women since the very beginning. These are the men you should definitely watch out for. This article is going to give you a few signs that should immediately tell if the guy in front is a woman hater.

#1 He does not value your feelings

This guy will only show the emotions that he is feeling. Your happiness or sadness means nothing to him. The only thing he will care about is that at any point you should not be able to overpower him. Letting your feelings out to him will, therefore, be a total waste of time.

#2 He comments on the looks of other women or girls

A misogynist will always be commenting on other girls, particularly about their physical appearance. These observations are always going to be negative and will ridicule the other woman. He will continuously be insulting and undermining women, and this will get worse if you stay quiet.

#3 He will make fun of your emotional state

If at any time you make the mistake of sharing your feelings with him, the only thing he will do is probably make fun of it. For instance, if you are sad or crying, he will laugh it off by taunting you about you having a PMS. Nothing will be convincing enough for him to show some care.

#4 He does not let you speak

Every discussion, argument, and plan will be based on his preferences. He will make sure that you are never able to voice your opinion because whenever you will, he will cut off by bringing up something else. Being with him most of the times will mean that you just have to shut yourself and just listen to all that he has to say.

#5 It is always your fault

You will definitely get into fights, but isn’t that normal? Every couple fights. The different thing here will be that every time he will manage to shape the whole scenario in such a way that all the blame goes on you. For him, because you are a woman you are bound to make mistakes, and therefore it will always be your fault.

#6 Control over your sexual side means you are a slut

If you are a sexually confident woman who knows how to carry her body and are in control of her sexual energy, then this misogynist has one word for you, SLUT.


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